His City! His Cast! His Credit! Quentin Tra’Veon Harris Takes LA Behind the Camera

Quentin T. Harris

It’s rare that I get to see someone’s career unfold from Day 1 to the present. In the case of Q, that is exactly what I got to do. Meeting Quentin when he first relocated to Atlanta and having him on set for KL Allen’s “H. E. the film” that I Produced, to now seeing him as the Executive Producer of Chasing: LA; his story is one that is still unfolding and the fans are enjoying the journey.

As we head into the release of Chasing: LA Season 2, I was afforded the opportunity to catch up with Quentin and get the inside to the inside from his view. Check out the extended trailer below, then tap into what he had to say about Season 2 and the Power of 10.

Chasing ‘Los Angeles’ is back with another explosive season facing the delusions, career challenges, and struggles in LA. Featuring the Returning Season 1 Cast – André, Hershii LiqCour, Jeremy Copeland, Jaila, Official King Pain, FlyKingi and new Hollywood heat, Nicole Rae, Poetiik Soulja, Rich Bomb, and William The Baddest.


Quentin T. Harris (@quentintharris) – Creator,  Executive Producer

Terrell Watson @twatson_photography) – Lead Camera Operator

Isreal Isaac (@isrealisaac__) – Content Manager, Production Assistant

Tre Ingram (@tretelingram) – Creative Director, Production Assistant

An’Darrio Abrams (@andarrio) – Editor, Chasing: Reality Distributor

A Moment with Quentin Tra’Veon Harris

From staring in the digital hit show Chasing Atlanta and interviewing reality TV legends to executive producing Chasing  LA, Raeford, North Carolina native Quentin Tre’Veon Harris is the rising entertainment mogul to watch. 

Since establishing a home base in Atlanta, Georgia,  Quentin has worked to horn his on-stage and on-screen skills as a reality TV personality and a  scripted TV actor. His diligence has landed him the lead role in Demetrius Smith stage play No  Time For Pain and a supporting role in Tyler Perry’s film Loving you Is Wrong just to name a few. 

For over four years Quentin has kept his ear to the streets and his voice on the mic as the host of “Q IN THE STREETS” – a  talk radio show on World Star  Hit Radio 107.7 WTNT. If that wasn’t enough, Quentin still found time to host live events… More than what meets the eye, Quentin is a force within a force and his story is just beginning!

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