The New Definition of Explosion: Rich Bomb

Babeeeeeeeeee… This is a man. This is a man that makes your mind wander. When you look at him, you are taken aback by how FYNE he is. Upon holding a conversation with him, you become taken by his story and level of education. Rich Bomb is one who embodies what it means to be a diverse individual who brings a compounded edification to the cast of Chasing: LA.

Nurse by Trade. PTSD Survivor by God’s Grace. Rich Bomb is approaching the screen as an upcoming rapper who is chasing his dreams and allowing us along for the ride. Tap in below and get to know the Man, his Music (Special Spotlight on “He a Hoe” within the interview), and his Story! Welcome to his ReBirth.

All About Rich Bomb

Troy Williams, aka Rich Bomb, was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the age of 18, moved to Los Angeles after joining the military at the age of 18. Following his time serving the country, he went on to obtain two science degrees and became an ICU nurse. In 2019, Rich Bomb dropped his first single “ST8 SVG” after experiencing nurse burnout and depression. Since then he has released two albums, a few singles along with two music videos. In addition to his music, Rich Bomb also has a mini-series on YouTube called “Fanz Want 2 Know”.

When it comes to the Name DiamondKesawn, it truly speaks for itself. Born Kesawn Cooper, in conjunction with the fact that he is known to be a girl's Best friend aka Diamond; you get the Birth of DiamondKesawn. The Self Made Media Socialite is dedicated to the continued Growth and the Development of himself, DKP the Brand, RAmag, and the Brands of those he will touch. Buckle your Seat Belt as it’s always a Roller Coaster Ride with DiamondKesawn. #MindYou