The Queen of the Chase: Nicole Rae

She hit the screen with a brand that stands on its own. Nicole Rae is one that defines her story by moving to the beat of her own drum. As Season 2 of Chasing LA is upon us, we are introduced to Nicole Rae the Woman, Bo$$, and Money-Making Hair Diva!

During our interview, Nicole made it clear that one thing she hates is a person who is on Reality TV but you don’t know what they do. With that in mind, she set her focus on ensuring she brings all facets of her and her brand to Chasing LA. Tap in and take a listen as I get all up inside her Chase!

Meet Nicole Rae:

Nicole Rae Sellers

Nicole Rae

Beyond painting a beautiful face and styling a great head of hair, celebrity stylist NICOLE RAE knows that there is much more to creating a look of beauty. She found her love for hair at a young age when she picked up her first Barbie and decided that the doll needed a haircut at the age of 5. From there she discovered she had a natural gift and it would only enhance with the proper education and training. After honing her skills for years as one of the top hair stylist she began to venture into the world of makeup. With 18 years in the beauty industry, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Before entering the big screen this talented woman worked behind the makeup counter where she learned the fine art of enhancing a woman’s natural beauty with makeup. She often states “when you look good, you feel good”. So she has made it her life’s mission to play her role in creating that look.

From the faces of KJ Smith, LisaRaye McCoy, KD Aubert, Eva Marcille, Jaslene Gonzales, Christina Christian and so many more she has used her talents to make these ladies’ camera GLAMOROUS and RED CARPET ready! In an effort to do her small part in making the world a more beautiful place, she opened THE RED CARPET HAIR STUDIO to make her services available to all. Our mission at THE RED CARPET HAIR STUDIO is to inspire each guest to allow their inner beauty to be manifested out, as we help cultivate their unique individual style! If It wasn’t enough for her to individually use her talents to bring beauty to the world, she decided to become a licensed instructor to teach up-and-coming stylists this craft she loves. With the salon world concurred and teaching under her belt she begun a new venture, introducing “NICOLE RAE HAIR” (100% premium quality virgin hair). This virgin hair line is top quality and it’s the perfect accessory to enhance the client’s natural hair. “NICOLE RAE HAIR” was birthed when she realized over the years that most 100% human hair was a processed blend of multiple components. She set out to search the world to find the best unprocessed human hair in its natural form.

NICOLE RAE has used her talents to take her from behind the salon chair to be among the rankings of some of Hollywood’s most sought-after artists! Her work has appeared on countless Red Carpets, billboards in Time Square, major Ad Campaigns, Reality TV, Movie Screens, Maxim Magazine, Flow TV, and the list goes on. With all her many techniques and beauty secrets she wants women to always remember that beauty starts from within and that hair and makeup are simply enhancements to your confidence!

This business mogul is just getting started, her talents can now be seen across the world as she’s taken herself from behind the camera to the big screen. You can also catch her podcast MESSY MONDAY where along with her cohost they discuss everything from beauty tips to financial literacy as well as expert business advice and not to mention the occasional celebrity hot topics. With various projects in the works be sure to be on the lookout for all things NICOLE RAE as this shooting star is on the rise to the top!

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