Film Review “The Gays.” No Bars Held

I’m sure by now you are all caught up on “The Gays” by T. S. Slaughter. This film was introduced via the Indie Film Spotlight in the recent Quarter 1 release. Now that you have had time to get to know the brand, let’s talk about the film.

Finally getting the chance to take a breath, I decided to hit play on my download. I didn’t know what to expect as the trailer had me saying “Hmmmm.” Babeeeeee, when I tell you this film is off the chain. Let me put it to you like this and you can quote me, I never thought that vulgarity, comedy, and gay life after 30 could be combined in one film and not be offensive. However, T. S. Slaughter found a way.  During the film, I had to take my notebook out to take notes. T. S. Slaughter taught me the truth about “bluffing.” The real reason behind why the night of pleasure doesn’t call back the next day. Being gay after the age of 30 and my favorite of all, a Nursery Rhyme that almost made me drop my Tea…… All of this was provided courtesy of “The Gays of Pasadena” as they were called. LoL….
I won’t say anymore as you need to catch up. Email me and let me know what you think of the film.