Dustin Nelson Releases the visual to “Next Door”

Dustin Nelson

Take a moment and get to know Dustin Nelson. Dustin is a Canadian Hip-Hop artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. Dustin grew up in Manitoba originally, before moving out west six years ago and since 2018 he has released 8 EPs, 1 Mixtape, over 20 Music Videos along with his debut album, One Man Show. Oh yeah! He’s been busy.

The follow up to One Man Show will be released later this year with his first single, Next Door, which released on January 29th. The music video will be released on February 15th and he will also be releasing a remix featuring Tinywiings on February 17th. Ya’ll get ready!

About Next Door:

Next Door is a Pop Rap song that details my relationship with a woman and my relationship with a man. This is the first song I’ve talked about my sexuality since coming out in 2019. I generally shied away from pronouns when writing but throughout the years I have noticed I don’t see bisexual men represented in music often, with male performers usually identifying as either gay or straight.” – Dustin Nelson

The single is upbeat and has a similar style to artists like Blackbear or Lauv with the perfect balance of pop and hip-hop and I think it would be a perfect fit for your playlist as we head into the weekend. a

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