@Bi_TheWebseries had the NERVE to do me like this…. via: #RAmag

Bi: The Webseries

As I have mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of the web series entitled “Bi.” This current season has me addicted but for the past few weeks I have been swamped preparing for the upcoming release of our Quarter 1 issue and unable to view accordingly. Not to mention, Glenn stopped emailing me the links (he’s Shady at times).

Last night, I took a few hours while I was supposed to be at a meeting (don’t tell nobody) and binge watched episodes 5-8. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee here we go, so I left off at episode 4 and the season ended with episode 8, which was split into 2 it was so JUICY. Let me tell you, my heart DROPPED at the end of EACH and EVERY Episode. I don’t know what the Creator David Jay Cork was going through when he was writing this script, but Babeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is just what the doctor ordered.


The series takes you through life with 4 friends. 2 are Bi. 1 is Straight and 1 is Gay. That breakdown alone had me wanting to watch. Now, in my opinion episodes 1-4 are fun and light. They pull you in and allow you to enjoy the show. Episodes 5-8 get you addicted. Filled with Lies, Scandal, Breakups, 3 sums, and Sexiness (gasp for air). This season is the one that makes you count the days to season 2.

Mind you, David and Ashton (the Director) had the NERVE to end episode 8 with a cliffhanger. Okay, wait. Episode 8 started and I wanted to cry cuz of the thing that happened with him and him, because of what had happened in episode 7. Yep. That thing. Then to get through the episode without crying and David have the NERVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to end it like this:

Keep in mind though. The episode started like this:


But keep in mind, the first conversation ended like this.


Ummmm Hmmm, catch all that’s going on. Then in the middle of the episode, they hit me with:


But, wait cuz he was like:


Ooh chile, then Carmen was like:


After all that, however. I died when David said:


Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. Now that my heart has slowed down. You gotta go get full of off “Bi” Season 1. I promise you will Thank ME…….