10623041_363882893767876_8637827805002212979_nAs many of you know, actor Glenn Quentin (B.I. the Webseries) has been my friend since RAmag did the Spotlight on B.I. the Webiseries by David J. Cork with his fine self. Oops, I digress. In any case, over the weekend Glenn hipped me to a new project that he is in titled “You Can’t Die Here.” According to the Director, Paul Notice,

“When a high school student is forced on an errand to Trader Joe’s, he runs into a stranger who might be able to save his life.. at a cost. Inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin, ‘You Can’t Die Here’ explores the violence against unarmed Black men in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Originally produced as a stage play in IMPACT’s 2012 Director’s Weekend, the original cast and playwright remade this story for the screen.”

Upon review of the project I was hungry…. LoL! You gotta see the film to understand why. Babeeeeeeeeee, I wanted me some cookies so bad. LoL! However, after my cookie crave calmed down I began to reflect on the file.

Paul Notice takes a everyday situation and challenges one to think about it from a variety of angles. The film made me mad, happy, upset, frustrated and optimistic all at once. Kudos to Paul for a great body of work. Kudos to Glenn for taking his character to a place of full understanding. Kudos to Kwaku Driskell for aggravating the hell out of me and forcing me to face the reality of knowing that “You can’t Die here.”

After you watch it, Tweet Me and tell me what you think.

Sidenote: Did I mention Paul can GET It…. Yessssss Gawd, he know he can wear a tie. But don’t tell him I said that.



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