Too Be Frank, Episode 3: ‘To Be Broke, Gagged, and Unemployed’

11849053_1487581181561893_1417040251_aAfter a much-needed break, Too Be Frank is back and it appears to have improved drastically. In this episode, Franklin scams his mother. Mind you, Mother SLAYS in the Name… Haaaaaay Muva! I’m not mad he scammed her though as he needs a haircut. LoL!

As the episode goes on, get into Frank’s FINE friend who works at the store. With his peanut butter-toned skin, he gives Frank a much-needed intervention along with a lesson on gagging. LoL.

Jamal pops up in the hair salon and I lose my whole mind. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, he is the cats meow, dogs woof, and owl’s hoot. Even when he asking for $20.00, I’ll give it to him. Oop!

Now listen, tell me if you get into the fly on the table during the math lesson….. Lmfaooooooooo! Why the fly all up in my view annoying me???

All in all, I must give props where props are due. Episode 3 of Too Be Frank was enjoyable. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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