Todrick Hall Talks Coming Home..

Star of MTV’s ‘Todrick’ heads back to high school to share some incredibly important truths.

In this week’s episode of “Todrick,” the veteran performer returns home to film a special video with some very special co-stars: his family.

Bringing his creative team — or “L.A. family” — home to meet his mom, grandma and high school-aged brother was a culture shock for everyone, Hall told MTV News, but “such a blast.” We even got a chance to see an incredibly touching moment where Todrick officially comes out to his younger brother, Shay — joining his hometown and L.A. lives in an amazing new way.

t’s super difficult to come out and not everyone is lucky enough to have such a supportive and loving family, Hall said. A lot of young people — especially those in smaller, less-accepting towns — are afraid of being disowned or encountering violence or bullying in their lives.

“I think people just need to find the one family member they can talk to and be honest with them,” Hall told me. “Not acknowledging it and not being able to talk to my brother was giving it power — as if there’s something wrong or negative about it.”

Of course, Shay, being a real smart and cool little brother, told Todrick that it didn’t matter who he loved — what mattered to him was that he was a good person (The brotherly love feelings are at an all-time-high.) Which meant the brothers could get back to work on the video of the week — where Shay stars as baby high-school Todrick!

The video, filmed right in the halls of his old high school, is for a track called “Haters.” It’s a can’t-help-but-dance-along, middle-finger-emoji send-off to all the negative people in your life (like Pharrell’s “Happy” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” had an unstoppable, bully-busting baby).

“There are some people who are just set in their ways,” Hall said of the real haters of the world. “Instead of giving them energy and time and responding, I just wanted a song they could play and jam out to.”

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