TKOH Drops Euphoric New EP “Fire Island Pining (Season One)”

As we have closed out Pride Month, that doesn’t mean the Pride Celebrations have to end. With that said, allow me to get you caught up with Pop-singer TKOH and the recent release of his electrifying five-song EP “Fire Island Pining (Season One)” today in celebration of Pride Month. The EP is an epic dream sequence of dance-pop and modern electro-pop ideally played at full-blast at a party or in the club. Written and recorded in Utah entirely during quarantine, TKOH describes the EP as “the fantasy I never got to have, since last year was supposed to be my Hot Gay Summer”. It is no coincidence that it dropped during Pride month. “Since this is such a purely queer project, I wanted to make sure it was released in Pride month,” TKOH explains. “Pride is a time for celebration where people can loudly and authentically express themselves, which is exactly what I’ve done on this EP.” Drawing influences from icons like Todrick, Dua Lipa, and Adam Lambert, “Fire Island Pining (Season One)” is a euphoric celebration of pride, freedom, and authenticity. 

Each song on this EP is a bop in its own right. Toeing the line between perception and reality, “DTF (Download the Fantasy)” is a fiery house pop track that’s your one-way ticket to “Fire Island Pining.” In the queer and kinky nu-disco pop anthem “You & Your Man”, TKOH fantasizes about what it’d be like to be between “you and your man”. “Tan Lines” is a quintessential summer pop bop, sunny and fun. But it comes with a warning label: consume or be consumed. After all, all’s fair in love and war. 80’s stadium rock meets hyperpop (with a healthy dose of psychedelics) in “Blondes Have More Fun,” exploring the (particularly queer) tradition of going blonde during a mental breakdown, one-part declaration of empowerment, one-part desperate cry for help. Finally in “To be continued…” orchestral pop swells into the final statement of the EP (with the promise of a sequel): “If you wanna be my lover, doesn’t have to be forever. When it’s over it’ll be a bummer, but we’ll always have this summer.”

TKOH is glittery, poison-soaked queer pop music, a collaboration between singer/songwriter Joe McLean & songmaker T. Harts. From dance-rock-infused bops to clear-eyed paranoia anthems, TKOH’s debut EP, “Hollyweird” reimagines the City of Angels through the lens of a modern queer James Dean archetype, asking the question: What is the price you’ll pay to get what you want? TKOH’s latest tracks, “DTF (Download the Fantasy)” and “Blondes Have More Fun” dive into new queer pop territory, heralding their upcoming EP “Fire Island Pining (Season 1).”


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