Paul Bellantoni Releases “Illusions”

Contemporary Alt/Rock Singer-Songwriter, Paul Bellantoni has premiered his first solo release since 2013, “Illusions,” for PRIDE

Let’s take it back to how it began! Paul began playing in LGBTQ nightclubs in the early 2000s, making his way to mainstream venues and separating his time between South Florida and Los Angeles by the mid-2000s. The Tim Burton of singer-songwriters, Paul’s vocal stylings, and percussive keys have been described as edgy, creative, piano-based pop-rock. Yep! All of that in one! His songs are powerful, heartfelt stories, with performances to match. From broken-hearted blues ballads and rock anthems to Americana storytelling with a message of a better tomorrow. Paul is one that never disappoints.

In speaking with Paul, he advised,

“2020 was a force of change for everyone. For so many, all that we knew and all that we worked for suddenly shifted into a scene that was unfamiliar at best and hauntingly quiet. It put a lot of us in places where we had to reflect on our life choices and relationships. I had forgotten myself. Insecure and lost, but I still had my flame and a new story. “Illusions” is about how what we perceive out of life and the people in our life aren’t always what they seem; they’re false realities. All of our worries and sadness are a mirage of ego and fear. I began writing the song because I was hurt by someone close to me. It was a situation that made me feel insignificant, while around me the entire world was grasping for straws to see which way is up or down. It became my therapy. “We are illusions full of delusions” comes from that false reality creating an ‘am I ok’ place. It’s a lesson in learning how to be present in your own heart and forgive yourself, the ones that hurt you, and the circumstances that weigh you down. “Illusions” showed me that I am ok; it gave me my fire back, and I hope as it goes out into the world that it becomes a song of hope for anyone out there that feels lost, heartbroken, defeated and needs to see that we are more than our own false fairytales.”

Paul has always turned to music to find a way to make sense of the world. Raised in New York and Florida, Paul taught himself how to play piano by picking the lock of a caged baby grand backstage in a closet of his high school auditorium (he never did like closets).

Paul inherited a love of classic rock bands (the likes of John Lennon, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, and Queen) as his father ran the Palladium Theatre in New York City in the 60’s and 70’s. He began to compose his first songs in the mid-to-late Nineties, taking inspiration from the strong female artists of that time, such as Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, and Fiona Apple. As a young gay teen without much representation at that time, Paul credits them as artists that paved the way to his message and writing style.

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