Sister Code

I finally had a chance to catch “Sister Code.”

After the death of their mother, three foster sisters – the shrewd business woman, the free spirit, and the caregiver – find themselves fighting for their individual dreams and fighting each other in this tale of love, lust, and tragedy.

Everywhere I have looked rated this film on the lower end of the scale. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t an Oscar Winner, however, it was a really good film. Overall, I give it a 7/10. Here’s why:

Casting: The cast was perfect. A lot of eye candy. Some old school favorites and some new intriguing faces.


The story was basic, nothing overly complex but just right. 3 sisters with 3 different lives that all need eachother in life. I loved the execution and the reality behind each lady.

Favorite Character: This one is hard as each principal had their winning moments. Winner goes to Lil Danger, played by Marcus T. Paulk. His character was so annoying it was funny as ever. Not only did Marcus deliver, he reminded me of a few of the artist I have to deal with on the daily. LoL


 Yes Gawd. They was Layedddddddd. Amber Rose served Body. Eva served Bad Booch. Drew served girl next door.

 Make sure you check this film out. It’s Editor In Chief Approved.

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