Trinity Taylor is Drag royalty

I wouldn’t say that I am obesessed with Drag queens I would say I am a fangirl though. The glamour the wigs the hips the lashes.  Living unicorns I swear.  Let it be known all slang comes from the drag world. I don’t care what your m omma told you. Drag is mainstream and it is here to stay!

I follow several professional performers online. I would even say I am somewhat an eliteist when it comes to knowing the very best of the best.  So trust me when I say Trinity Taylor is it boo.  I caught up with Trinity in facebook world the other day after she posted about the hard-knocks of drag, while holding the title of EOY and having a drag fashion following that seems to eat up her every design. ( Side Bar: I want THEM ALL)  I to caught up with the Queen for hugs and a quick KiKi

You have more notoriety than some of the queens we have seen on Rupaul’s Drag race why do you think people resonate with you ?

Thank you for that. I think that RPDR has been an amazing platform for this business/lifestyle to be seen. It has given many entertainers a chance at a life they might not had a chance to have outside of the show. With all that being said RPDR doesn’t make you likable, approachable nor a role model. These are things that only you as a person can possess. Not from a show or a title you win. I think people might relate to me because I try and stay humble and I tell the truth. People like honesty and kindness.  


You are well versed in the pageant world and your costumes get rave reviews what is your vison for Trinity ?

Just like most people I just want to be successful at what I do. I treat entertainment as a business and with that said I put in the work. I invest and I try to make sure that Trinity is always a top notch product for people to enjoy. As far as pageants . Pageants are my hobby within this business. I am a very competitive person in most aspects of my live and pageants are fun for me no regardless the outcome. When it comes to my costumes I love to create my own. 90% of what I wear is something I have created. It gives me an outlet to be creative and express my idea of fashion

You mentioned that there were two sides to you Trinity and Ryan. What is the hardest part about being a famous queen?

Well, I don’t consider myself famous , maybe well known in the drag community but not famous . When it comes to being well known you tend to have all sorts of “friends” come out of no where. You really have to be mindful of who is truly your friend and who wants to see what they can get from you be it attention , assistance or recognition based only on who they know. Relationships can also be difficult. Being well known puts your relationship in the spotlight too and if you do not have a strong foundation in that coupling then it can be a major challenge.

You won EOY which you very so much deserved. Is there a part of the struggle that people do no see ?

Well pageants are very expensive to do. It cost so much money for all the fashions, dancers , travel ect. They are also time consuming and you have to be invested mentally and emotionally to be able to sacrifice a lot in your life to do them! They definitely are not for everyone.

Whats the best advice you can give anyone interested into making Drag a career?

I think unlike going to college to be a  Doctor or an attorney, drag chooses you. You have to be a creative person and willing to sacrifice a lot in life because it is a lifestyle if you do it as a career and not just as a hobby. You must invest and take pride in your craft. People are very judgmental and they expect quality every single time. It’s also not an easy career to be in. You have to have a thick skin and a strong back bone. It’s still a business just like a teacher or a sales clerk. You have to stay professional and know how to run your brand in order to be successful and make money!


Where can people find you on social media ?

On my Facebook fan page Official Trinity Taylor  Or my personal page under Ryan Trinity Taylor.





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