Michael Lucas’ Israeli Documentary Available for Free Viewing

undressing_israel_posterFilmmaker, entrepreneur and columnist Michael Lucas will release his 2013 documentary, Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land, for free viewing online beginning Thursday, May 12, in celebration of Israel’s 68th Independence Day.

Whereas most news coverage of Israel focuses on conflict, terrorism and war, Undressing Israel shows how Israeli gays, including Arab Israelis, live in peace and security that is unknown elsewhere in the region. Directed by Lucas, the film made its debut at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, and was included in several other major film festivals.
Lucas is making the film available in response to what he calls “the global demonization of Israel and the widespread disinformation campaign about the only country in the Middle East where gay people enjoy equality and safety.” Lucas believes that Israel’s “enlightened, progressive attitudes about the LGBT community” can serve as “a model for the world.”

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Although Tel Aviv was named “the world’s best gay travel destination” by GayCities.com and American Airlines in 2011, Lucas is concerned that many gays who’ve never been to Israel think of it as a religious country that is constantly in turmoil. The reality, as Undressing Israel makes clear, is quite different. The filmmakers attend a joyous same-sex wedding, interview a gay member of Israel’s parliament, speak with a gay Muslim Arab-Israeli journalist, visit vibrant nightclubs and meet gay couples and their children.
The film features revealing, funny and moving conversations with a wide array of LGBT Israelis, including one of Israel’s best-known “out” personalities, Eliad Cohen, a former combat soldier once featured on the cover of the Spartacus International Gay Guide and now considered Tel Aviv’s hottest party promoter.
Undressing Israel has a running time of 46 minutes and will be streamed for free at www.MichaelLucas.com.

If you love it as much as I do, it is also available for purchase on Amazon.

Michael Lucas is an American performer, director, activist, columnist and documentary filmmaker, and one of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs in the field of adult entertainment. In a career that has spanned more than 20 years, he has built a powerful presence in the adult industry and beyond.

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