I am Your Sister by Ericka K F Simpson

Symone Holmes is an 18-year-old high school graduate about to embark on a new life venture as a college freshman. Being a successful entrepreneur and a gifted athlete, one would think her transition would be smoother than most. However, when it is revealed that she is a lesbian, the path she had chosen to walk becomes littered with obstacles she had not anticipated. Now, standing alone, Symone turns to her faith to help unmask the truth in allowing all to see that love, in any form, is love. “I am Your Sister” also depicts the fractured relationship between Symone and her parents and how her loss of an old love gives way to her finding her true love.

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“I am Your Sister: Season 2” – At 21 years old, Symone Holmes has finally transitioned into the second phase of her life, adulthood. As the WNBA’s top prospect coming out of college and with the love of her life by her side, Symone is ready to start living her dreams without delay. However, her mother’s continued disapproval of her sexuality still casts a dark shadow over Symone’s spirit. When an unexpected family tragedy occurs, Symone faces a major decision: put her plans of stardom on hold and confront obstacles that have kept her fenced out of her mother’s life or continue on a path to basketball greatness and remain the black sheep of the family. The decision will not be an easy one and regardless of which path she takes there are serious downsides in the midst. If she forgoes her rookie year as a professional basketball player, there is a chance she will not get a second opportunity to live out her dream. However, if she does pursue her career first, she may resent the one thing she loves – basketball – and lose the only chance she has to reconcile with her family. Symone Holmes returns in this emotional tale of sacrifice and family tragedy that dramatically changes the course of the ‘second season’ of her life.

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“I am Your Sister: Season 3” – After falling short in winning a WNBA championship, Symone decides to accept the invitation of an old colleague and return to Marian University as a consultant for the women’s basketball team. The Lady Panthers are rebuilding around a bright new star, Wendy Jacobs, and Symone’s history in being a freshman standout is needed to cultivate this new talent. Symone finds she must also guide Wendy in her personal life as Wendy’s fear of being outed keeps her from pursuing her first love. Symone welcomes the opportunity to leave Georgia and get away from Regina who has turned her world upside down by unexpectedly relocating to the southern state with her wife and daughter. The love Symone once knew is gone forever…or is it? When a loved one’s life is in jeopardy, a family secret brings Symone and Regina closer than they could ever imagine.

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51A1KJ1pFQL._UX250_Ericka K.F.Simpson was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. Her passion for writing began in grade school when she started writing poetry. In high school, she pretended she was a newspaper sports writer and wrote articles about her experiences on the basketball team. Those articles later turned into short stories and soon evolved into a full length novel. Ericka is now a self-published author of six books: I am Your Sister, In Fear of Losing You, Making Our Difference, Reality Check, Jazzy Ladies Productions and the recently released I am Your Sister: Season 2. She has also published her first non-fiction work entitled, Living With 3 Strikes Against Me. This book is a collection of her thoughts on subjects ranging from women, love, religion and the LGBT community. Also highlighted are poems Ericka has written dating back to her middle school years.

In June 2010, Ericka won the Black Writers Reunion and Conference 2010 Atlanta Scholarship Competition. She currently lives in Macon, GA where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Psychology. Her current projects include the final season to the I am Your Sister series.

Want more of Ericka K.F. Simpson? Visit her website at www.ekfsimpson.com and become a fan at www.facebook.com/eksbooks.

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