Hot Boy Turk calls out the “Pinocchio” type people.

Recently, YNT CEO and Original Hot Beezy, Turk has been doing his holiday shopping for the family. While shopping for the kids, Emani Jr (Tay) asked for a Pinocchio doll figure as a part of her Christmas wish list. Please tell me why she ever did this.

After a recent discovery on Social Media, Turk learned that those who were close to him weren’t all they SEEMED to be. As the stories began to be told the REAL them started to show. Due to this we have the birth of Turk’s latest single, “Pinocchio.”

Pinocchio Artwork

Hot Boy Turk: “Pinocchio”

Pinocchio (/pɪˈnoʊkioʊ/; Italian: [piˈnɔkkjo]), the name a variant of common “pinolo” (pine seed), is a fictional character and the protagonist of the children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883) by Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a small Italian village near Florence, he was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed of becoming a real boy. He has also been used as a character who is prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons.

Pinocchio Artwork

Between you and I, Turk is finally letting the world in to a sample of what’s been going on. Listen to the words he chose very closely especially in verse 1. All he sees is these Pu$$y N*ggas getting passes…. Ummmmm, those words are mighty powerful, especially when you consider…… I’ll say this, I guess when you are a JUVENILE or YOUNG and tryna be a THUG but Fail you get labeled….. Let me stop.

Pinocchio Artwork

Download “Pinocchio”

Turk iTunes Artwork 11-2015


New Orleans-Based Rapper,Turk,Was First Discovered In 1996 When The Owners Of Cash Money Records(Brothers Ronald”Slim”Williams And Brain”Baby”Williams Discovered Him Rapping And Rhyming In The Nearby Magnolia Projects.Later That Same Year,Turk Made His Recording Debut With A Cameo On Juvenile’s Solo Debut,Soulja Rags.Turk Was Billed As Young Turk,And Welcomed Into The Newly Formed Hot Boys(Who Also Included Juvenile,BG And Lil Wayne) Issuing Get It How U Live IN 1997 And Guerrilla Warfare Two Years Later.Turk Continued To Make Cameos On Other Rapper’s Recordings,Including Juvenile’s big Hits,400 Degreez And Tha G-Code,Lil Wayne’s The Block Is Hot And Light’s Out,As well As B.G’s It’s All On U.Vol 1 and 2.June 2001 Saw The Release Of Turk’s Solo Debut,Young N Thuggin,On Universal Records.As A Follow Up Turk Had Moved On To Koch Records And In 2003 Released Raw And Uncut.In 2004,Turk Was In Memphis,Tn And Ran Into Some Problems With The Law.Police Raided His House And Two Officers Were Wounded In A Shootout.Turk was Charged With 2 Counts Of Attempted Murder! While Awaiting Trail He Dropped His Third Solo Album Penitentiary Chances.Turk Was Found Guilty And Sent To Prison.He served 8 Years 8 Months 16 Days And was Finally Released Oct.12,2012.He Hit The Ground Running Upon Release,Doing Interviews,Making Appearances,And Getting In Plenty Studio Time.He Released Blame It On The System Mixtape On Feb.22,2013 And Has released The Latest LouisianimalzVol1 May 22,Reflamed,Da Real Thugga And His Latest Get Money Stay Real…He Has Written A Book Titled TheAutoThugOgraphyOfTurk And Wrote A Screenplay Called Reckless About His LIfe.Turk Is Reaching Back To Those IN Prison With His Magazine,YNT Incarcerated.He has Started His Own Label YNT And Is Establishing Himself As A Solo Artist Again As Well As An Entrepreneur.Turk Is Not Looking Back.When Asked What HE IS Doing,Turk Says T>H>U>G>G>I>N in Which He Redefines As Taking Hardships Using God’s Gift In-spite Of Negativity.

Turk- Ughhhhhhh Artwork


Turk 12-27-15 Show Nashville

Limelight Entertainment Venue: Nashville

Sunday December 27TH, 2015

YNT Invades Nashville, TN

Limelight Entertainment Venue

201 Woodland St Nashville, TN 37213

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