Handsome, Talented, Charismatic: Adjectives of Redris

A Man Crush is something that a male has for someone who is usually a public figure, a recognizable name, a celebrity. Lets just say Redris has the #MCM of the Year Award.

Redris has been dropping clues about his debut album “Set It All On Fire”. Redris has penned lyrics for many local and some major acts including ” Phylle, Picasso Varner, Omarion, Sisqo, Chris Michael, Nicole Wray and many more. Redris is one of the few artist I know who will tell you he draws his inspiration from personal experiences and living bi-cuirously through others. Mind you, can you be gay and live bi-curiously???? LoL!

20560946654_31d2e640dd_oAccording to the rumor mill, Redris is an artist who invokes imagery and challenges perception through his way with words. Writing since elementary school, Redris started off writing 3 subject notebook horror stories while the other children were at recess or playing after school. Redris is one of those people who you meet and you realize there is something special about him. He has such a humble tone to him and he is very reserved and pleasant.

With that in mind it was only right that I took the time to get to know Redris and find out how he was going to “Set it on Fire.”

DiamondKesawn: What current projects are you working on? Or, what projects have you just released?

Redris: Right now I’m set to release my official first project. It is called “Set it All On Fire” . The album is 80% produced , written and arranged by myself .  I think the fans are in for a surprise as the content is sexy , fun and personal. Featured guest include R&B singers Chris Michael, Phylle & Sue`. Rap artist Tai , C-Note and Sil3nc3 Seward.  The album talks about everything from love to heartbreak and getting back up again. Prior to this project I released “Mr Carter” by Phylle. This is my 3rd project with Phylle and its always a pleasure working with him. Im like his Timbaland and he’s my Aaliyah.  I was also featured on a few releases this year.  “Slow Motion” by Rapper A-1 for the Jurassic Clarke Mixtape & “Blinded” by poetess Diamond Piece.

DiamondKesawn: What inspired you to be in the Entertainment Industry?

Redris: I started out as a writer in my preteens. my mother encouraged me to sing. Plus I was surrounded by talent in the family. My mother used to sing. My dad is a guitarist & my grandmother a pianist. They stuck me into church choir and started developing my voice.

DiamondKesawn: What was your first taste of Industry Life?

Redris: My first taste of industry life was on my first  collage tour from Virginia to Texas. I toured with a artist formerly known as S’ence and we had a blast. Making music while traveling . Hitting big and small stages and meeting different people. My most memorable moment was having to share a corded mic with her in the corner of a club no bigger than a studio apartment. She used to braid my hair and i just took it out so i had a huge afro! We performed barefoot it was kinda our thing at the time and kept tripping over the cord!

DiamondKesawn: What is your favorite color?

Redris: My favorite color is aqua blue mixed with canary yellow and jade green! its called I don’t have a favorite color. Lol!

DiamondKesawn: Who are some of your inspirations?

Redris: Some people who inspire me are artist like me. The ones who are multi talented like Prince, John Legend  , Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder. They are real artist who write sing and produce like I do. Their music is from the heart and soul and really is a part of them manifest through music. Brandy Norwood is my favorite singer though. The way her music is composed is amazing. I have picked up a few tricks our two just by listening to her sing and arrange her vocals

DiamondKesawn: If you could collab with one person for the ultimate project, who would it be and why?

Redris: This is a very hard question cause i have many for different reasons. However i would love to work on some music with Timbaland and Missy! I think they are very innovative and creative and i feel like we would bounce ideas off one another and create something yet to be discovered !

DiamondKesawn: Who is in your CD Player right now?

Redris: Other than myself i am jamming to Tamar Braxton, Miguel and Boyz II Men.

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you do when you are alone that the fans would never guess?

Redris: When I’m alone if I’m not painting or drawing I’m in my 6 foot mirror rehearsing my music in my underwear holding a can of febreze air freshener as the mic…. Don’t judge me!20996884659_01682e5210_o

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you want the reader base to take away from your body(s) of work?

Redris: I want them to be able to say they connected with me! They felt what I was feeling and it helped them get through a challenge in life. whether that be getting over heartbreak, challenging yourself  or learning to love again.

DiamondKesawn: Could you see yourself doing any other occupation?

Redris: Yes! I will write movies in the future. I want to write roles that display people of color in in new ways. Not the average ghetto flicks and angry black women plots.  Not killing off the black guy in the first ten minutes. I would like to see more movies like “Mission Impossible,” starring the black guy! Not to say there is anything wrong with any other race playing these type of roles. you just don’t see it very often.

DiamondKesawn: What is the biggest misconception people think about you before they get to know you?

Redris: That I’m the life of the party and like attention and conceited. I’m honestly kind of modest and shy. However i will talk your head off if i deem you cool enough.

DiamondKesawn: To the aspiring talent who will read this interview, what are your words of encouragement for them?

Redris: Know your worth and study your craft. I meet a lot of younger artist trying to be superstars but fail to realize this is still a business. Go and study even if you just use Google. Know what a publisher is, the difference between a copyright and song registration. You must educate yourself or you will get trapped in a world you don’t want to be in. The more you know the more you’re worth. Know your worth!

DiamondKesawn: Any Shout-Outs?

Redris: shout out to my sisters Fallon, Donique, Nefertiti, Fathiyah, Amanee, Ashanti. To my partners in crime Phylle, Christen Michael & Kayo! to everyone who supports me in any capacity. Shout out to my hometown reppin the 315 Utica & Syracuse NY!

As you can see Redris is more than just my #MCM. He is an Artist, Brother, Writer and most of all, the one to Set it On Fire. Make sure you tune in to all things Redris: www.IamRedris.com Twitter: @Redrisb Instagram: @Redris1 Facebook: Redris Bell


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