Gay Rapper Andre Xcellence X-cersizes in Music Video For His New Song, “Werk Out”

EDM/Pop rapper Andre Xcellence launches the New Year with “Werk Out”, his brand new over-the-top club banger that is guaranteed to party off the pounds.  “It’s the time to get your bootyFullSizeRender back in shape so you’ll be ready to let it all hang out again come summer,” says the artist.  “Why not add a little play to the sport with a groovy jam?”

Produced for Pink Money Records/American Commission/ Sony Orchard, “Werk Out” masterfully mixes EDM, hip hop, and even a little of reggae-tone flavor to produce a sound he says will inspire listeners to break a sweat and bust a gut in the gym and on the dance floor.  “It’s very Diplo, Jack Ü sounding,” continues Andre Xcellence from his home in
Los Angeles.    Others will liken the slick beats and glossy vocals to Missy Elliot, Kanye West, and Black Eyed Peas.

Along with the track, Andre Xcellence is unleashing a turbo-charged music video, directed by Brad Hammer, featuring well-toned guys and girls, getting their fitness on in neon colored short-shorts and leg warmers.

“Fitness has always been important to me.  Sure, music is #1 because it’s my life’s work.  But I strive to create balance in my life. Its all about the mind, soul and body.”

The song begins with Andre talking to a fly guy at a club when he suddenly realizes he has to get to his 9-5.  “It’s that moment when you don’t wanna leave because who knows where the conversation might lead?  But if you stay, you risk losing your job.  So what do you?  Somehow ya gotta make it all werk out.”

Once again, Andre Xcellence enlists Brad Hammer for the music video.  The pair worked together on Andre’s debut track “Game of Thrones” and on “Ice Cream”, his collaboration with RuPaul’s Drag Race star Manila Luzon.

“We found inspiration in the classic 80s aerobic television work out videos,” explains Brad Hammer.  “Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Jazzercise… It was a time when leotards and leg warmers ruled the gym floors.  We even got Andre to channel his inner Richard Simmons for a hilarious scene!”

Andre Xcellence introduced himself to Hip Hop last year with music that artfully blends urban beats and progressive house.  “It’s a new genre and I’d like to be the leader of it,” he says.

His name, given to him by his college fraternity brothers, is a nod at his desire to strive for perfection.  “I aim to be the voice of the voiceless and make great music with no politics.”

In addition to his recording work, Andre Xcellence heads the independent label, American Commission.  He lives by the motto, “You do not have to like me, but you will respect me.”

Andre Xcellence’s “Werk out” is available now on iTunes.

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