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As we all know, Pride in Atlanta was this past weekend and I was in the streets. Now listen, after a Long Weekend of Events I needed to sleep. Now that I am rested and back at it, what better way to get over Hump Day then with the New Release of “Femme.”

Fab Femme creator and popular lesbian blogger Aryka Randall is leaving her mark all over the LGBTQ community with the release of her latest docuseries, “Femme”. The series features six feminine identified LGBTQ women from different walks of like who agreed to share their stories of life and love with the world. The series itself is debuted over Labor Day weekend on September 7th via Youtube.com/FabFemmeTV.

The Femme Docuseries aims to create a space for feminine identified women to be visible, heard, and better understood. Each episode will debut one week after the start date, and will feature two women from the series sharing their experiences as a feminine identified LGBTQ woman in society. The episodes range from 20 to 30 minutes in length and cater to a demographic ranging from 21-35. The first episode features Clarissa who is a 30 years old mother of one, and Joanna, a 19 year old college student from Lafayette Louisiana.

“My goal was to create a space for women like myself who identify as “Femme” to share their stories without judgement or misunderstanding. It seems like whenever we see a feminine identified LGBTQ woman in media, they’re being portrayed as some straight woman who’s dating a woman for the time being. I’m sick of seeing our stories being told by men and people who don’t understand what it means to be a lesbian woman. Not every femme ends up with a man. Life isn’t some second showing of “The Kids Are Alright”. It’s my job to tell our stories the RIGHT way.” says, Aryka.

Press Play and tell me what you think.

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