Editor’s Spotlight: Vonneastar

image1 is a 17 year old self entitled “True Hip Hop” Artist. He raps, writes poetry, and does some photography on the side. We can call him a well rounded individual.


Vonneastar and Mike Will Made It

Vonneastar started doing music at a very young age. The type of life that he lived made him develop a habit of always having something to say & the courage to say it. Oppose to starting trouble and getting into street life he used his pen as a weapon and his paper as his opponent.


Vonneastar and Legendary Bigg Gipp

When asked what he wants the listener to get from his music, he explained,

“I want my music to touch people & make a difference. Hip hop is a special genre because it allows the listener to feel as if the artist is speaking directly into their souls. I love it deeply & as I get older I pray my fan base grows with me. My dream is to be legendary.”

His debut project entitled “ATLeast We Try” is slated for release in January 2016. This project is structured to contain a powerful message coming from an adolescent growing up in ATL. In speaking with Vonneastar I asked him to give me the project breakdown in his words. What he said was profound:

“Our youth are being targeted directly by all the evils of the world. We are gullible & easily influenced which is what society feeds off of to keep the downhill cycle going. This project is my way of taking the youth under my wing and taking a stand. We are more than what they limit us to be, we are gifted and creative as well as we are lost. I’m telling my story from my eyes for the life em-betterment of other youth!”


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