Actress & Media Personality Stacii Jae Johnson Shares Her Dating Truth

Now you know I love me some True Tea, right? Well my good Judy Stacii Jae is spilling all her teas when it comes to Dating. Babeeeeeeee, when I tell you I been sippin in the NAME………

unnamed.jpgSJMY TRUE DATING STORY: A serial monogamist for most all of my dating life, I realized that dating one guy at a time was not the best way to get to the life partner I wanted. The biggest issue was that I had not been out on enough dates with different guys just having a great time to learn what I liked, let alone enough to make a choice to date just one guy.

Everybody that I met and decided I liked, I ended up dating for long periods of time, so all I knew for sure was what I didn’t like from all of the failed relationships. I committed to each of them without initially knowing enough about them.

As time went by I stayed, because by then I had time invested; I adopted the mentality that it wasn’t all that bad. I made a conscious decision to live with all of the things I did not like. Despite being unhappy and unfulfilled, I remained loyal. I would date one guy for six months, another guy for eight months, another guy for two years, another guy for two months… heck, I even dated a guy for four years!

After a series of life circumstances and introspection, I decided that I would stop dating one guy at a time. Dating involves getting to know someone by going out with them for dinner, drinks, dancing, socializing with friends; going to movies, museums, concerts, sporting events; taking long walks in the park, etc.

I decided that I would adjust my dating philosophy and no longer hand over monogamy to men who had not shown themselves deserving of it. Instead I would date three men simultaneously. Dating three men at one time means doing all of the above with them, but with absolutely, positively, no promise of any kind of intimacy.

“Dating multiple men has opened me up to self discovery.  I relate better to myself and to the men I date. It has given me the courage to be all of me and it has taken the pressure off. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying dating. I feel empowered and one of the biggest things is  – I stopped settling.” – Stacii Jae Johnson, Author


When it comes to picking the right career, shoes or wine, we demand choices. So why is it that we don’t think twice about giving away the most precious gift a single woman has to give―monogamy,and all that it implies―to a man who has not yet shown himself to be deserving of it?

If you’re putting the wants and needs of a man you hardly know before your own because you think or hope he’s “the one;” if dating has become an agony of second-guessing yourself and over-analyzing every text, phone call and dinner conversation; if you are constantly question- ing where things are going―then this if the dating handbook you’ve been waiting for.

Alternately insightful and hilarious, Stacii Jae Johnson shares excerpts from her own dating diary, as well as her 143 reasons why she believes it is important for the singlegirl to date multiple men simultaneously. Date, Girl! will not only make you laugh, it will shake up every- thing you thought you knew about dating, shifting your focus along the way from finding Mr. Right to loving, respecting, honoring and empowering yourself

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Stacii Jae Johnson – actress, radio personality, television host, lifestyle influencer and women’s empowerment advocate  is vastly becoming the “go-to” for all things single girl. As a former on-air jock at the country’s  #1 urban radio station, CBS Radio, WVEE- FM V-103, Stacii Jae is a die hard entrepreneur focused on building a media empire. Prior to her arrival at V-103, Stacii Jae created and hosted Atlanta’s #1 girl talk radio show “Black Girls Radio”. Originally from Memphis, TN, Ms. Johnson moved to Atlanta to attend the esteemed Spelman College, and then graduated with honors. She is a girl on the move- from Memphis to Atlanta to Hollywood actress and back to Atlanta as a high profile political figure, working in the Office of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed as the former Entertainment & Special Events Director, top advisor and a member of his executive leadership team for over three years. Stacii Jae exemplifies a career that resembles a chameleon, colorful, bright and true.

Johnson is a young, vivacious influencer who has had a career of ups and downs. However, when given lemons, Stacii Jae is known to make her famous lemonade. A southern belle at heart, Johnson has been hard at work making her a sought after influencer who has lots of irons in the fire. As many can see with her new radio career, Johnson is not afraid of new challenges. She is the founder of The Single Girls Club (TSGC) and writes a monthly blog called The Single Girls Club Diaries that post on her website monthly. The mission of The Single Girls Club (TSGC) is to provide single females with the tools needed to live a full whole life.  Through an online community and lifestyle event experiences, TSGC is a movement in the tune of “All Things Single” and aims to connect, educate, inspire and empower single ladies. TSGC signature events are: The Single Girls Club Conference, Power Dating, Single Girls Talk and Single Girls Who Brunch. “Our ‘Living, Learning, Laughing, Loving ME!’ mantra powers us forward in everything we do”, says Stacii Jae.

After one day being asked by a Hollywood Producer what exactly she does to help single women as far as dating, Stacii scoured the internet to find a title that would embody her dating philosophy. Finding nothing. She created a title for herself. She calls herself the ‘Multi Dating Philosofixer’ – A lover of helping single women fix their dating life by coaching them and guiding their philosophy on how to successfully date multiple people simultaneously. The premise of the MultiDating Philosofixer is to (1) get single women to stop concentrating on an expected ‘result’ (2) be open to the journey that each individual date takes them on (3) not hand over monogamy on a silver platter until it is deserving.

Stacii Jae leads a monthly podcast for single ladies from all over the country called “Single Girls Talk” discussing topics with a guest celebrity co-host that inspire confidence and give today’s single females clarity and power to achieve their personal and professional fullest potential. Her self published book, ‘Date, Girl’ 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men is available now on

Most recently, she was cast in a docu-series premiering this fall that Queen Latifah is Executive Producing called From The Bottom Up (airing on Centric, Fall 2015). It’s about 6 ladies on the comeback. She has signed on to co-host Divas & Cocktails, a “no conversation is off-limits” late night talk show hosted with R&B Diva Nicci Gilbert. This web series is the perfect mix of late night discussion on everything from lifestyle, fashion, celebrity headlines and celebrity dish.

As a Hollywood actress, Stacii Jae landed roles in popular productions by You Go Boy! Productions (Martin), Savoy Pictures (How To Be A Player as Sherri) and New Line Cinema (A Thin Line Between Love & Hate as Peaches) as well as television roles NBC and FOX Networks. Stacii is also co-host, with R&B Diva Nicci Gilbert (Divas & Cocktails), a “no conversation is off-limits” late night talk show covering everything from lifestyle, fashion and celebrity headlines to celebrity dish. Johnson was recently named one of the top 25 women in Atlanta by Steed Media Group and has earned honors as an “Obama Victory Trustee” and Associate Publisher, Who’s Who in Black Atlanta (15th Edition, 2014). Truly in the midst of a chameleon career, Stacii Jae is colorful, bright and true.

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