Author Tyson Anthony is Sacked and Hard

Author’s Note –
Forever ago you guys got a preview of Sacked when it was called End Zone. This is actually one of my favorite books, so enjoy. Also check out Hard The Series. AND YES, About Him The Webseries has a script and is casting. This is only the start of so much more.

What’s New – “Sacked” The Novela4ddeed8-ba90-4854-b25b-da964f2a9c11

Michael Sam. Jason Collins. Andre Clay. Wait, scratch that. Because unlike most LGBT athletes, Andre Clay refuses to be a gay poster boy. Instead, the self-proclaimed God of football, king of the field, plans on dominating the sport no matter who tries to stop him. Along with his mother, brother, and fierce manager Korey, Andre Clay strives to prove to the nation that he’s truly the best thing to happen to football since the invention of the pigskin itself.

Chest out, dukes up, in the town of Creek, talkers get knocked out. Nick finds himself constantly being forced to throw down because of the things that come out of his mouth. And he even finds himself getting in trouble with the men whose things he put in his mouth simply because he can’t keep his trap shut. At some point, all the talking has to stop and Nick may have to get physical to get his point across. This one ain’t for the weak, you gotta be hard to survive this novel.120495e5-949c-4871-864a-b4e77bf146eb

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