A Moment of Happiness from Von Watts

“Change your habits change your destiny”-Hal Elrod

Every now and then we have a story that will motivate others to make a change. Recently the #RAmag Creative Director, Von Watts shared a story on her Facebook page. The feedback was so exceptional that I had to share it with the RA readers.

“I rarely share my good news on social media, but I have to share this! On 3-25 I was laid off from my job of 11 yrs. Some people would not have been able to handle that type of news, but myself, I took it as a huge Blessing!

Being laid off enabled me to get my goals back in priority. I was able to devote a lot of time to my freelance business in which has grown tremendously! Quicker than I even imagined. I was able to finish school and graduate with honors. And, I was able to take back control of my mental and physical health. From there my stress levels went down my headaches are at an all time low and I feel so relaxed!

After school, I prepared myself mentally to start a new career in what I love doing which is design! No more settling so in my eyes this meant starting from the bottom and working my way back up! I started applying for job after job after job and have probably put in about 30-50 apps since 6-18 for graphic design jobs.

Last week I went to a job fair in hopes of finally getting that entry-level junior design job. Mind you job fairs mean interviews on the spot and I haven’t interviewed in 11yrs imagine how nervous I was!

I prepped for about 2 hours with my career service advisor in which I must say I’m so thankful for!!! She prepared me well! To make an already long story short! I nailed the interview!

I received a call back about an hour after the job fair stating they are highly interested in bringing me on not as a graphic designer but as the Art Supervisor! My leadership skills along with my design skills blew them away and they enjoyed my magazine themed portfolio in which I put myself on the cover.

I said that to say this!! I thank God for giving me the patients and blessing me with this opportunity!! That was no one but him!! I’m finally in my career in a management position in which I lead and mentor along the way!!

This is just the start for me! I can’t stop and won’t stop reaching all my goals in life! No matter the age, race, etc you shouldn’t either! I’m now an Art Composition Supervisor and I start my new role Monday!”

“Change your habits change your destiny”-Hal Elrod

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