The Reader Takeover: 2015 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Review

Tell It Like It Is:  BBMA Fashion Breakdown

Now you know, I must always allow for freedom of expression. We are all aware that the 2015 Billboard Music Awards aired Sunday Night and the Fashion that hit the Red Carpet was that in which it was… (Did you catch it?)

I did something out of the ordinary. Instead of me giving my breakdown, I allowed for some BBMA viewers to create the #RAmag Breakdown for me. 3 people teamed up, Crystal, Mariah, and Makala. These #RAmaggers created a review that All Truth and Nothing but their Truths. Get ready as I sit back and let Crystal, Mariah, and Makala take you on a rundown of Red Carpet Looks.

These are their thoughts (with my commentary):

Iggy Azalea- I’m sorry but what she wore I don’t even know what to say because she could have tried a lot better than that. it just wasn’t her. (Sounds like Iggy missed their mark)

Britney Spears- She looked straight up stunning. She surprised me that night, didn’t expect that from her.  (Werkkkkkkk Britney)

Mariah Carey- I’m not too happy with what Mariah was wearing. I mean, it was nice but she showed more than I expected her to show. (She was showing BODY by M. LoL)

Nick Jonas- Looked really handsome but when does he not. (Someone is in love)

Fifth Harmony- Looking fabulous as always. (If you say so… #Oop)

One direction- Half of them looked good but the other half didn’t. Harry and Louis just needed to make their look better than it was but, Liam and Niall were just fine. They looked super sharp. (I mean they looked like 2 Directions. LoL)

Jennifer Lopez- Loved the dress but think it was too revealing. (JLo #Slayeddddd in the name of Pookita Mammie Fashion.)

Chris Brown and his daughter- Looked so cute. He was dressed sharp and his daughter was looking cute. (I mean….. He was cute or whateva. LoL)

Chrissy Tiegen- That outfit was outstanding. There is no right or wrong to this outfit.

John Legend- Now this is also a nice suit. It goes with the whole BBMA stlyle. (He is so fine. I forgot what the suit looked like. LoL)

Taylor Swift- The outfit was nice but for this kind of thing she should have worn like a more formal type of look. (She’s like 11. LoL! Love you Taylor.)

Calvin Harris- This suit is a one of a kind suit that goes along with how the other guys looked in the BBMA’s. (Say It)

Meghan Trainor was beautiful. The dress was the kind of dress that I would wear to one of theses award shows.

50 Cent- Looked sharp I have to say. (50 made me wanna break a Dollar in half.)

Wiz Khalifa- Looked okay. Wasn’t my favorite dressed guy. If he wanted to look at least nice enough to be there he should have put on some longer trousers. (Oop.. He was in peddle pushers.. #SipsTea)

Natalie La Rose- Looked stunning but in my opinion she could have done better. (Oop. The Shade was heavy.)

Ludacris- Always knows how to style a red carpet and this year was no different. (Haaaaaaaay Luda)

Kylie Jenner- in my opinion, Kylie looked stunning. (No Shade, she KILLEd her outfit.)

Kendall Jenner-I didn’t like what she was wearing at all. She looked like she just woke up from a sleepover. (She gave me Avatar teas)

Carter Reynolds- Looked sharp at the BBMAS. He knows how to dress to impress. That outfit was just so fantastic on him and he dressed like himself. (Who??? LoL. No sa. He looked cute in his way.)Cameron Dallas was wearing. He looked amazing. His whole outfit was fitting for him.

Cameron Dallas- I loved what he was wearing. He looked amazing. His whole outfit was fitting for him. (I was confused on where he was going.)

Jack Johnson- Shirt was awesome but the shorts have to go. You don’t wear shorts to an award show sorry Jack J. (He was on his way to the store and just stopped by the Carpet to say hi.)

Nash Grier- Rocked the red carpet with his outfit. He was very handsome. (True)

Nick Hissom- Looked very handsome in what he wore to the BBMAS. (Did he tho? Oops, turns page)

Chelsea Cannell- Her dress fit her well. It was a perfect choice. (She did give me life with that shimmer effect.)

Bailee Madison- Her dress fit her to her best. she rocked that looked.

Jennette Mccurdy- One word: Breathtaking.

Chelsea Briggs- Her dress fitted her very well. its not my style but for her I think she wore it quite well. (That’s a PTA meeting dress)

Ted Stryker- Looked very handsome in his suit. (Loved the deep color bouncing off his skin.)

Stefanie Scott- What was she thinking? Red pants with what looked like a bra. Umm, yea bad fashion statement all around. (She made me want some Strawberries.) Estelle dress it just wasnt fitting right.

Estelle- Not a favorite. Her dress wasn’t fitting right. (She’s Estelle, she gets a pass. *closes eyes*)

Charli XCX- She looked very pretty with her black dress. (Coughs and leaves room.)

Laverne Cox-  The dress just didn’t do her justice at all. (No Shade. She usually SLAYS, but this dress was very Boxing to her shape. It had no real draw to it either.)

Casper Smart- Looked amazing.

What in the world was Dencia (who) wearing? It was just ewww. (Walks away as eyes begin to hurt from a color warp.)

Idina Menzel- Always looks pretty and she didn’t disappoint this time.

Serayah- I loved the dress. (She gave Body Contour Teas.)

Taraji Henson- She was very pretty. (Yasssssssss Cookie. Come through SLAYING…)

Molly Ringwald- still got it she looked amazing

Charlie Ebersol- I didn’t like the blue shirt with the black jacket and white bow tie on it. Looked weird. (HaHa)

Lilly Aldrigde- Looked stunning. That skirt was just on point. (Yasssssssss. She bought #Slayage.)

Hailee Steinfield- Looked pretty.

Jourdan- I don’t even know what he wore. We didn’t like it at all. (Iliked the Urban Chic effect he gave off.)

Rita Ora- I liked her white dress, but I mean, she could have covered up a little more. (She’s Rita Ora. She can do no wrong.)

Martha Hunt-  The purple dress was perfect for her. (Werkkkkkkkkk Martha)

Olivia Culpo- She looked stunning to me. (Face and Hair were on POINT. Outfit off point.)

Aidan Alexander- Looked amazing. (What was up with the Shirt tho? Ummmm.)

Bonnie Mckee- I’m sorry, but she should have tried another outfit all together. I really disliked her choice in outfit. (Agreed. She gave Athletic Workout Realness.)

Giuliana Rancic- She could never go wrong with what she wears she is always beautiful. (TRUE)

Aimee Song- I felt like that dress was just the wrong idea for her. It just wasn’t her. She could have done better. (She gave me Prom Effect Realness)

Tori Kelly- She was looking beautiful. That dress fit her so well. (I hated that SHOE. No Gurl.)

Britt Nilsson- I’m sorry, but that dress just didn’t go for me. It looked like she was going to a club instead of the BBMA’s.

Zendaya- Where were the rest of your clothes is all I can say. (Oop)

Danica McKeller- she looked stunning.there is no other words for it than beuatiful.

Michael Costello- Could have done without the long jacket. (He is a designer. He MUST be Extra… Love Him)

Kira Kazantsev- There is no secret here. She should have not worn this dress. (She gave Banana Boat teas.)

Ed Sheeran- Looked sharp as always.

Pentatonix- Tried to overdo it a tad.

Jussie Smollett and Yazz- Looked great. (As Always)

Tracee Ellis Ross- Umm I’m sorry but, what was she wearing? (NOPE…. She Slayeeeeeeedddddd)

Lindsey Stirling- She looked just amazing. The dress fit her style just right.

Prince Royce- He looked pretty sharp

Lauren Elizabeth- Her dress would’ve been perfect without the cape looking thing.

Jenn McAllister- Her dress wasn’t all that great in my opinion.



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