With inspiration and accents from Jazz and Dance Hall, Ang uses his influence and emotions to show and tell a beautiful story with new single “UP”

Ang Low

Going through life and under the spell of addiction. Ang consoles himself by singing and drinking. Sip by sip feeling better. A woman suddenly stumbles upon him. Seeing how poorly treated and misunderstood he was, she takes him in to a special place where Ang has to decide to go Up or stay where he is. 

Ang continues to fight with himself and the thoughts that held him back while diving deep into unconsciousness. Placing himself in a dream as a baker in his own bakery carefully crafting and putting back together the ingredients that embody his identity and Take him UP

“Up is a story about going higher, getting better, moving forward and second chances. When I started writing the album (2 1/2 yrs ago, which was just the song up at the time) labels had pushed me away.. most of my industry contacts faded and I was just a depressed lonely producer. I began writing this album because I just needed relief. Nothing was going right and I just needed to write something to feel anything. I ended up meeting a great team.. producing, writing scripts, directing, choreo, costume designer. I was getting comfort from just being an artist. All that I had been looking for to make me happy I found that happiness in my art. As low as I felt the music kept pulling me up.

Up describes that journey. Through Ang’s dream, he is taken to a place where he has to decide if he wants to keep going up.” – Ang Low

Who Is Ang Low?

Ang began writing as a young kid, even writing and singing for church. Growing up through childhood into his teenage years Ang was also involved in off broadway plays and continued writing in high school. 

Facing a minor setback, Ang went to prison at the age of 18 and kept his head down writing a new song every day for 2 years straight; just him, his cell and his guitar. 

While in the big house, Ang got slashed in the face leaving him with a permanent facial scar, subsequently making him feel like he could no longer perform or get any stage roles. Fortunately, he did not let that stop his creative passion and confidence as he persevered and went all-in with his music career. 

Ang learned valuable lessons along the ride and gained experience and expertise in writing, producing, editing, dance, and design. Shortly after releasing a few tracks, he quickly built a loyal fanbase. Gaining more and more traction as the burning passion for his art showed and translated well with listeners while getting attention from various record labels as well. Through tough criticism and being told he needs to keep elevating his skill, Ang held his head high without letting outside sources distract nor take away from his craft and kept pursuing the big dream he has always had.  



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