Ultra Naté re-records her #1 smash “Free (Live Your Life)”

For the first time in over 20 years, Ultra Naté re-records her #1 smash and delivers a new e.p. of exclusive remix collaborations from underground house and cosmic electro to future rave and goth pop. The “Free (Live Your Life)“ remix e.p. features reworks with KDA, Fracture, Ibitaly & Gregor Salto, B-Sights, John “J-C” Carr, Wendel Patrick and more. Ultra delivers an empowerment anthem that continues to resonate with and reflect the times.

The uplifting and empowering message of “Free” still resonates around the world with fans old and new.  A newly curated “Free (Live Your Life)” e.p. of 2020 remixes is out now on BluFire/Peace Bisquit.

Ultra Naté celebrates her 30th year in the game. Here explains why now was the perfect time to revisit this perennial classic.

“When my song “Free” became a classic worldwide there was and continues to be so much love around it as it is now part of everyone’s life story. There are countless memories wrapped up in it for many people and tons of “unofficial” bootlegs!!

For many  years I wouldn’t even consider re-imagining and re-releasing it officially but there comes a time when the universe forces us to stop, pay attention and recognize that we are in a defining moment and that moment is now. There are so many around the world that need the energy, hope and most of all “empowerment” that “Free” embodies.

At a time when it’s needed most – we may not be able to dance together globally right now but we can raise our voices in solidarity and sing ‘you’re free to do what you want to do!’”

This infectious house stormer has now been remixed by a host of talents reimagining the classic from anthemic disco pop and future rave to deep and jazzy underground house and even a goth-y dark pop take! The selections included on the=is remix e.p. are sure to keep your mixtapes, playlists and DJ sets rocking.

Ibitaly & Gregor Salto’s Top 10 rework was the foundation for a revered viral video meet up by Ultra and UK’s revered House Music Choir

UK house music scion KDA refashions “Free (Live Your Life)” with an unyielding four-on-the-floor punch. While Fracture’s inspired rework is an urgent electro call to arms at 160 bpms!

Last Summer,  Ultra was the only female to make the Top 10 ‘Best Ibiza Anthems of All Time’ list from Tomorrowland’s One World Radio. During Pride, Burberry utilized the original in a ‘quarantine selfie’-styled clip of the brand’s ambassadors and influencers.

For many World Pride celebrations in 2019 “Free” was universally named as one of the Top Pride anthems of all time.

The iconic Ultra Naté has also been ranked as one of Billboard’s “Greatest of All Time” dance artists. A world-renowned singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, label owner and promoter, Ultra Naté has toured the world extensively, released numerous albums and several international hits.

“Free” was most recently sampled by MNEK for his single, “Paradise,” and on “Ego Death” featuring Kanye West, Tinashe and Skrillex from Ty Dolla $ign’s acclaimed full length, ‘Featuring Ty Dolla $ign’

Topping the Itunes Dance album chart at #1, Ultra Nate’s “Free (Live Your Life)”, out b=ow on BluFire / Peace Bisquit remains an undeniable perennial anthem of self-empowerment and pure dance floor feel good.

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