To Be Honest: “Too Be Frank”

Too Be Frank

11139972_856799831101508_266144459583142847_nOkay, I promise to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and noting but the Truth cross my heart and hope to cry take the Raynbow from my eye.

I received an email submission entitled, “Too Be Frank.” Too Be Frank is presented as:

“A comedy that follows the life of Franklin (Frank), an African American suburbanite from Michigan who’s highly addicted to social media and his iPhone. He moves to New York City after college to pursue a singing career while secretly longing to become a reality TV star. Throughout each episode, viewers hack into the world of Frank’s phone, ultimately knowing the true reality versus what he conveys on social media. “Too Be Frank” will explore the pros and cons to living with an addiction to social media along with the outcomes it can have on your family, friends, narcissism, and even self-hatred.”

Upon watching the trailer, here are my sips of tea:

  • It’s cute or whatever (catch it)
  • The synopsis seems very basic and reminds me of many of the other web series out thus far
  • I’m interested to see if this series will bring a new element to the topic of Reality vs. Social-ality
  • Frank is cute
  • The story seems diverse
  • Glenn Quentin directed the project so you know I know the execution will be great
  • I will have to plan a call with Frank to get deeper into the story. The trailer didn’t fully quench my thirst

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Producer/ Writer: Frank Williams
Directed By: Glenn Quentin
Editor / Cinematographer: King Lexx

Starring: Frank Williams – Andre Bell – Claudia McCoy – Brian Nieh – Ann Gillespie – Professor Lindsay

Also Featuring: Thomas DellaMonica, Travis Demetri, Pierre Gonzalez, Jonathan Coleman, Janice Page

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