The District is Done!

Brandon Anthony

As some may remember, I reported a few months back that Anthony Bawn and the Bawn TV team were working on a project entitled, “The District” starring Tami Roman. Some may also remember the debacle that took place on social media about this project. #iDigress

The District by BawnTV

In any case, I am excited to report that The District has been completed and I was able to get a first look at the final product the other day. Babeeeeeeeeeeee! When I tell you Tyson Anthony wrote the hell out of this project. And as always, BawnTV delivered a product worthy of an award nod.

In my own words, The District is one of those projects that most inner city youth will be able to relate to. The life of sex, money, and drugs is brought directly to you and you have no choice but to realize the dangers that lie beneath. The added spin of the lead character being Bi just makes it so much more real for the LGBT community. This film is a direct correlation with the old skool saying, “Do something strange for a piece of change!”

The lead character, Miller, played by Brandon Anthony is faced with so many challenges. His mother is in jail. His best friend is toxic, and the weight of life, bills, and the hood is weighing on him. Now, I won’t give it all away, however, what I will say is due to all of this, Miller makes a LIFE CHANGING decision that affects more than just himself.

The District by BawnTV

Oh yeah, between me and you, Brandon Karson returns to the screen in The District in a role that will make your mouth drop. He plays a…… I’ll let you see it for yourself. LoL!

Overall, I give The District a 10 out of 10. Knowing all the struggles that this film had to endure, I am so ecstatic that it is finally complete. The casting was excellent. The balance of the script was ideal. The sex wasn’t overdone. The acting was believable. And, most of all, Tami Roman served me up ole Thug Mother teas. LoL!

Make sure to follow BawnTV and download their App on iTunes as I’m sure The District will be dropping soon.

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