Tamika Scott Owns the Stage at ​the 2019 Atlanta Black Women’s Expo

You know I love me some old school R&B and it gets no better than one of the members of Xscape. Babeeeeeeeeee! When I tell you I love to hear Tamika Scott sing. I do! She has a voice that makes your bones tremble and a clarity that is very rare.

Recently, Tamika Scott took to the stage during the 2019 Atlanta Black Women’s Expo. For those who missed out on the expo (you missed an amazing weekend) let me get you caught up.

The Black Women’s Expo (BWe) invaded Atlanta and the ladies was out in full force. Originating in Chicago, BWe offers unparalleled opportunities for brands seeking to engage with the African American consumer in multiple markets. There were so many vendors on site and they all made sense. It wasn’t like they allowed just anyone to buy space as we know some events that do that. This selection was curated with the Black Woman in mind and it showed.

BWe is where Black Women can be found, in record numbers, annually for the BWe Experience, where she finds the latest trends, amazing new products and services, where she gets informed, empowered and enlightened! I had the chance to sit in on the Business Owner Panel and the information provided was stellar. Not only did they make it relate to female minority business owners, but the allowed those in the audience to be involved in the discussion.

Now that I have you up to speed, let’s talk the stage!

Tamika Scott hit the stage and gave us a blend of some of the classics we know her for along with her new Inspirational single which includes her husband and youngest child. She looked amazing, her vocals were amazing and the way in which she captivated the audience was truly an experience.

I had a chance to catch her behind the stage after the show and we were able to talk music, family, life, and what’s to come. Take a listen!

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