Say Hello to BlackOakTV

BlackOakTV takes off with 3 original series, 15 more expected to debut in 2021

BlackOakTV, a black-owned video streaming service exclusively features Black content, and has officially launched with a focus on super-serving the underserved black TV viewing audience.

As of February 5th, 2021, viewers can subscribe to the beta subscription at the introductory price of $4.99 per month. Subscribers will get access to a powerful and growing library of black content featuring short films, movies, web series, and original black shows from some of the most talented up-and-coming black filmmakers and creators. 

BlackOakTV aims to address the fact that 75% of black people say they want more content targeting them. And while there are some entities focused on black content, BlackOakTV believes it can differentiate itself by collaborating on original projects with the immensely talented, independent black creators of today that will become the popular black showrunners and filmmakers of tomorrow. And through the continual development of its product, BlackOakTV will focus on creating a community around its shows, actors, and creators, connecting black viewers with one another as well as with the creative minds behind the shows they love. 

With a project 18 shows set to debut on BlackOakTV throughout 2021, today, the venture backed startup launches with exclusive rights to three original series: 

Untold Stories with Unknown People. Created by Dormtainment, the black comedy troupe with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, “Untold Stories with Unknown People” is an anthological mockumentary series satirizing eight stories and documentaries from the past decade. It’s risque, bold, and offensive, but most importantly, it’s a humorously satirical take on some of the culture’s most talked about documentaries of the past decade, including The Last Dance, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, and McMillions.

The Retreat. Created, written, and executed by an all-black woman cast and crew, and led by Nuanse Entertainment’s Ashley Denise and Ricki Lynée, “The Retreat” is a suspenseful series about the schemes and betrayals that unfold among a group of black women after a damning secret is revealed during an artists retreat. The series picks up one year later, as a soon-to-be published book of memoirs threatens to expose what happened in the woods. 

First Dates (Season 2). Co-created by DGA award-winning director Talibah Newman, “First Dates” is a black sitcom about Samantha (Angela Wildflower), a political consultant, who is left navigating her life, career, and serial dating adventures after an abrupt split from her husband. The second season of “First Dates” resumes with Samantha licking her wounds from months of bad dates and the revelation of an illness she is not prepared for. 

BlackOakTV is founded by Uzo Ometu, who has 15 years of experience creating and  distributing content. He spent the last 7 years at Google and YouTube, with most of his time  focused on media and content partnerships. Prior to that, Ometu filled various content roles at  Inc. Magazine, CBS, and Disney. 


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