Tyler Stone – Ur 2 LAZY

Honey when I tell you that there is a song for every moment and every emotion we human beings feel you will definitely agree with me after watching Tyler Stone’s ” Ur 2 LAZY.”  When I clicked play I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but in the first two seconds I was pleasently surprised by a melody over a beat that seriously touched my soul.

The beat is everything but that’s not where the magic ends. The visual for this video had me glued and I mean glued right to my phone. I love music and I love music videos even more so it’s not often I become obessesed with any one in paticular.  However I am officially obsessed.

The Lyrics are candid and realistic.  We have all dated a F**k Boy or two.  While listening to this song I wished that one of those jerks was sitting right next to me so I could say “Look this is how I feel about you.  You’re lame.”  Anywho I became so obessesed immediately with the song that I had to speak to the artist/producer himself to understand his thought process for the video and how he came up with the concept.  I am telling you this song is a hit.  I wish the powers that be would push this thang out the world needs this song.  The Producer aka Tyler Stone was easy to track down and was happy to answer a few of my questions peep what he told me about the song

The song is amazing what was the inspiration for the visuals ?

Thanks! These days it seems most ppl are in a relationship with their personal devices. So, chose to relay the message through one to get the point across . With this, i used 2 iphones; one to shoot and edit my lips and the other to capture the rest of the performance.

Is there a backstory to the lyrics ?

Yes. I was in a relationship with an idividual that was very content with going to work and coming home to watch TV every single night. It was the same boring routine week after week. They had no drive or fire to do something else with their life; And, in turn, it brought me down with them.


In a world where Dj and the producer get very little credit what keeps you loyal ?

It’s very difficult to gain credit as a DJ and Producer. In this modern era of music, the liklihood of success is often determined by how many hits you acquire. Exposure. What keeps me loyal is the craft. Being able to express myself with sound is the very liberating.


Can you tell us about any new music projects you’re working on ?

I’m currently signed to a non-exclusive contract with Trax Records as a House Music Dj and Producer as well as a free-lance producer for independent artists. I am also scoring a film which will feature James Franco as well as many influential underground NYC artists.

Where can people keep up with you on social media ? 

TylerStoneNYC on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud! Also be sure to check out my website for new releases!

Now get into this hot new song and share it with everyone especially that F**K Boy who wasted all your time.

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