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How You Perceive Everything Inc. Adds LGBT Publication to Its Roster

Famed How You Perceive Everything, Inc., parent company to award winning publication The Hype Magazine, announced the official launch of its LGBT publication, Raynbow Affair Magazine.

How You Perceive Everything, Inc. (H.Y.P.E.) was founded by Indiana native and serial entrepreneur Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson in 2002 to house various marketing and community activities which led to the creation of it’s first publication, The Hype Magazine and now its second “Raynbow Affair Magazine.” With fashion, trends, television and music as its core, Raynbow Affair Magazine takes the wants of the readers and brings them to reality.

The Raynbow Affair Magazine is your number one source to all things LGBTQ and provides a unique look at entertainment via the eyes of the LGBT community providing exclusive feature stories and interviews from today’s biggest names along with insightful editorial commentary on today’s issues.

The Raynbow Affair Magazine operates as a web portal and publishes 4 quarterly digital issues with print-on-demand capability and monthly Digital Covers. The Raynbow Affair Magazine has developed a strong online presence with the help of our web portal, social media, and digital issues. The Raynbow Affair Magazine digital content is accessible electronically, and reaches international markets across the globe.

Emerging from its Beta launch with six issues in its test/roll out phase, the current issue hits the readers with a fashion theme spotlighting designers and collections of all genres. “The added elements of Television, Film, and Music combine to make an eyegasmic reader-driven experience.”, says Editor-in-Chief Diamond Kesawn.

“Raynbow Affair Magazine fills the void within the LGBT community with a full featured publication recognizing the importance and impact of creators from within the community, brought to music, film, television, fashion and the global entertainment community as a whole.”, says H.Y.P.E. Founder and CEO Jameelah Wilkerson. She continues, “There isn’t another publication of this type and magnitude within the LGBT community. And, while the outlet’s main focus is to be a platform for the LGBT creators and community, Raynbow Affair does not exclude any personality that is making a contribution to entertainment.”

Raynbow Affair has gained the attention of magazine distributors who are looking to bring the outlet to shelves in 2016 – 2017.

For more information on Raynbow Affair Magazine, visit their official website
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Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson

Diamond Kesawn