Peggi Davis “Funny Face: A Memoir”

The path to accomplishing one’s dreams can be filled with triumphs and tribulations. But facing hardship with humor instead of heartache makes for an entertaining and thought-provoking journey. This mentality is perfectly embodied by author Peggi Davis in her new book “Funny Face: A Memoir” as she describes her passage from a young girl in New York, inspired by Audrey Hepburn, to a successful Southern woman in the fashion industry. Touching, laugh-out-loud hilarious, tear-jerking, and inspiring all at the same time, this book allows readers to see the bigger picture of life where ugly ducklings transform into swans, and dreams really can come true.

As Davis’ new memoir unfolds, it is clear how each of these stories shaped her life journey. The author describes herself as a chameleon who learns at a young age to adapt to life’s changes and emphasizes the effect this had on her imagination and character. Throughout “Funny Face,” Davis comes back to one of the central themes of the memoir which is the importance of building relationships and letting people into one’s life. She describes delightful as well as dysfunctional relationships that altered her path by providing a life lesson, support in times of struggle, or transforming a mundane experience into an unforgettably hilarious memory. These life-changing people encouraged Davis to share her stories and experiences with the world.

“I consider connecting with others one of the greatest joys in life. It makes you part of something much bigger than yourself, a collective consciousness of conversations, challenges, and cherished memories that create our own history,” Davis said. “Everyone you touch has a role in your story, and if you let them, they will enrich your life by elevating and enhancing your experiences and opportunities.”

“Memories pulled together into a series of short stories, “Funny Face” offers wit poured into timely topics filled with insight and compassion. Her recall of the smallest details from years past is unreal. Her writing style is so musical and inspiring, it will bring a tear to your eye, a song to your lips and a tug to your heartstrings,” an Amazon reviewer wrote about the memoir, leaving it with 5 stars.

Davis’ captivating memoir is one all readers can readily relate to as it is filled with raw emotions, experiences, and most importantly: human connection. Ultimately, it will spark a fire in readers to take charge of their own lives and pursue their dreams, just as Davis does in “Funny Face: A Memoir.”

“Funny Face: A Memoir” By Peggi Davis

Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Archway Publishing.

About the author

Peggi Davis was raised in New York City. After earning a Communication Arts degree from Texas A & M University, Commerce, she joined the retail advertising world as a fashion art and creative director. She was nationally recognized for creating innovative ad campaigns and worked for the country’s leading department stores Macy’s and Saks Inc., as well as the AGA Design agency in New York. Davis also served as chief communications officer for the Alabama School of Fine Arts and after retirement, she opened the Schoolhouse Art Studio. Davis and her husband currently live in Birmingham, Alabama.

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