New Year + New Goals = More Reasons for Yoga

Much like your yoga practice, Yoga Design Lab’s (YDL) mats and accessories can go anywhere – including with you into the new year. A holistic practice dating back thousands of years, experts say yoga is one of the top fitness practices to continue into 2023. According to Johns Hopkins University, yoga as an integrated practice of mind, body, and breath can support stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss, and quality sleep.

From the increase of at-home workouts to our collective attention to the importance of wellness and well-being, this past year has invited us to check in with ourselves, our bodies, and our minds. In a world that can at times feel out of control, yogic techniques for being present, practicing mindfulness, and tuning into our physical selves, have major benefits for our internal and external realities.

Yoga increases “happy chemicals” such as dopamine and serotonin, causes a reduction in stress, depression, and anxiety, and helps practitioners develop physical strength, mental endurance, and a sense of peace. Reap these benefits and much more by using yoga in your daily life in 2023 to live beautifully.

Whether you’re just starting out on your yoga journey, or are a seasoned practitioner, gearing up for your routine can help you stay motivated and help shape your space according to what you need most. From calming colors for your yin postures to energizing designs for your higher heart-rate sessions, YDL offers beautiful and sustainable mats and accessories to help charge your intentions for the new year.

“The right yoga equipment can amplify your yoga practice, and is important for deepening your abilities while working to improve your balance, flexibility, and strength,” says YDL spokesperson, Bianca Fesenbeckh. “At YDL, we strive to create a variety of functional yet fashion-forward yoga accessories to give yogis everywhere the tools to live and practice beautifully.”

With over 20 designs in four eco-friendly, high-performance materials, YDL is committed to choosing materials and practices that are kind to the earth, produce less waste, and allow products to be recycled. From yoga wheels to yoga straps, eco-friendly recyclable mats, and towels, YDL continually works on new ways to reduce waste and help minimize its environmental footprint.

Ranked by Vogue as one of the “18 Best Yoga Mats in 2022,” YDL aims to bring a balance of style, sustainability, and performance to every product; including their latex-free Combo Mat made with natural tree rubber and absorbent microfiber. The eco-friendly mat-and-towel duo also won “best print” in Travel + Leisure’s 2022 “Best Travel Yoga Mats.” Perfect for travel and everyday use, The Combo Mat features a recycled PET microfiber layer made with recycled plastic bottles and comes in an array of art-like patterns and designs printed in water-based inks.

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About Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab’s mission is to create innovative designs, luxurious quality, and sustainable products. The idea for Yoga Design Lab started on a vacation in Bali. Looking around, our founder, Chad Turner, saw a sea of unoriginal, massed produced, solid-colored yoga mats. His thinking: There must be a way of creating a highly functional, aesthetically beautiful product. The inspiration grew and our journey began. By blending fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness, the LIVE BEAUTIFUL Yoga Design Lab approach was born. From our hot yoga mats consisting of biodegradable natural tree rubber and 15 recycled plastic bottles each to the water-based inks used in our printed designs, we believe everyone can start by choosing better products for the earth.

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