Never Again is Now

The film reveals an alarmingly expansive and nuanced portrait of current Right, Left and religious influences on rising antisemitism in the US and in Europe. Dutch lesbian Jew and co-founder of the non-profit “Network on Antisemitism”, Evelyn Markus fled to the US with her partner Rosa Zeegers because of the pink star graffitied on their home door and to escape the resurgence of antisemitism. Through a riveting journey, Evelyn Markus bravely questions globally renowned experts, Parliamentarians, religious leaders, authors, activists, playwrights and political commentators including Ben Shapiro, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and devout Muslim physician Qanta Ahmed.

Never Again Is Now is a groundbreaking documentary chronicling the inspiring personal journey of an unlikely hero in the fight against rising global antisemitism.  Born and raised by Holocaust survivors in Holland, Evelyn Markus fled in the current Jewish exodus from Europe and immigrated to the US as Jews were being scolded, beaten up and stabbed in European streets where growing military protection became essential for Jewish schools and synagogues. 

In the United States, the same values that galvanized her family’s brave liberators to defeat the Nazis have inspired Evelyn to confront the hatred that drove her from her homeland.  Now antisemitic incidents have also surged in America – an all too familiar feeling history is repeating itself.  Interviewing a diverse swath of global thought leaders, Evelyn’s quest powerfully sheds insight and heeds warning to the world.  From Paris to Pittsburgh, it is time to act. Never Again Is Now.  

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