Mother Celebrates her son’s decision to Come Out of the Closet

When I was called out of the closet it was not a game. Yes Gawd Hunni, I said called out. Let me take you back…

Picture it Boston, Massachusetts 2003. I was driving to work and my cell phone rang. It was my grandmother. She called to advise me that we needed to talk when I got home. For some reason in the pit of my stomach, I knew she had found out but I wasn’t ready to admit it. I ended up leaving work early so I could get it over with.

When I walked into the Missionaries house, I heard the TV in the kitchen so I knew where she was. As I walked through the kitchen doorway she was sitting there with her hand on her waist, as usual, reading her bible. Oh Lord, I knew she was bout to read me for filth.

I took a seat and said “yes mother?” It was at that moment that I died. Missionary said, “what do you see good with having a man’s penis in your mouth?” Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, if I could have crawled out of my skin, I would have. I said, “huh?.” She started to quote every scripture known to man and all I could do was sit there in shock. I dare not say anything back to her at this moment.

Our relationship was in shambles for many years as she advised she loved me but not the sin I’m in.

I never regret anything as it has helped to mold me into the young man I am today. However, in 2016, the way parents are accepting their children  and their sexuality, I am happy they don’t have to endure what I did, well, at least, some don’t. Shout out to the mother who celebrated her son telling her his sexual preference.

Texas Mother placed an ad in the newspaper earlier this week announcing her son’s sexual preference. The woman says she wanted to show her son and her city that she was proud of him for living his truth — partially in protest of the city voting against a recently proposed bill that would have legally prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and 13 other characteristics. Via TexasObserver:

Readers of the Houston Chronicle may have noticed an unusual advertisement in the “Celebrations” section of Sunday’s edition.

The ad consisted of an announcement from unidentified parents saying their teenage son, “Drake,” had come out as gay. Drake was pictured in the ad but identified only by his first name.

Thanks to some cyber-sleuthing, the Observer determined that the teen in the ad is Drake Wilson, a senior who serves as student body vice president at Snohomish High School in Washington state.

Joan Wilson, Drake’s mother, said Tuesday that she placed the ad in response to the defeat of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in November.

“I couldn’t think of a better place than Houston, out of the entire country, where they needed to hear my message of pride,” Joan Wilson said, adding that she believes her son was born gay and created by God. “My announcement was my way of humanizing the issue.”

showposterI can believe the city voted IN FAVOR of discrimination being legal, especially after watching “Vanity Fair Confidential” Season 2, Episode 3 The Killing Trail (A series of savage murders in Texas, some believe motivated by hate, leaves communities wondering what will stop the killers in their tracks.)! But what do you think of the mother’s “protest?”

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