Love For Passion by NHW

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Last night, I had some down time and was in the mood for a good film. I was introduced to Love For Passion by Nathan Hale Williams.

Naturally, I was ready for a love story filled with lust, sex and passion. However, upon hitting play, I was introduced to a character who had a love for dance that was unmeasurable. As you can imagine, he had his struggles in his personal life that could possibly cost him his dream, if not more.

Towards the middle of the film, the main character is reconnected with his father after 10 years. All I will say is, watching them in that restaurant reminded me of what it was like to meet my father after 14 years of his absenteeism. Mind you, the beauty in this film is epic. The lead character is soooooooo fine. Babeeeee, when I tell you he made me want to Love for some Passion. LoL! The father is fine too. And the sister. When I tell you her braids are LAYED like World Peace. Ha. I love the visual that add to the great story.

Written and Directed by NHW, the storyline of this film is ver relatable and draws you in as it hits on many different topics that affect us in our everyday lives.

Make sure you be on the lookout for the upcoming release of Love For Passion. This is truly one for the collection.


  • James Brown III
  • Miles Mussenden
  • La Rivers
  • Malikha Mallette
  • Desmond Richardson
  • Michelle Milton


  • NathanHaleWilliams
  • Jassiel McBride
  • Terrence Laron Burke
  • Carol Ann Shine
  • Sean Joell Johnson
  • Chelsea Odufu


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