Linda Varg knows how to “Fuck It Up”

Linda Varg is a Swedish pop artist who brings a unique and fresh sound with her empowering and uplifting anthems. With influences ranging from pop and rock to reggae and urban, her music is sprinkled with a punky attitude and a 90’s flavored tinge. Her musical career has been a colorful one – born in a small village in Sweden with a population of only around 25 people, it’s been a wild ride to where she is now. From winning the TV show Popstars and landing multi-platinum status with the group Supernatural, to signing a major label deal with Warner Music, Varg has devoted every second of her life to music. She’s had the pleasure of performing as Annie in the musical Chicago in Copenhagen, living out her childhood dream, and was also one of the finalists of Swedish Idol in 2010. All of this eventually led to Varg deciding to take the plunge into a solo career and she has never looked back since.

Currently signed to Fifth Island Music/Sony Music, her latest single “Fuck It Up” is off of her upcoming debut full-length album. “Fuck It Up” narrates the realization that you have been making yourself smaller, molding yourself to fit in with other people’s needs and desires. Finally coming to terms with what she had been doing for years, Varg decided to make a change, starting with this song. Marking a new chapter in her life, “Fuck It Up” shows how far the artist has grown, refusing to dim her light for anyone.

Varg confides, “We should not blame others. Even though in most cases it starts with someone doing or saying something bad to us, for me it started when I was very young. A woman who was older than me couldn’t handle that I was happy, unafraid, and talented. They said things to me that made me unsure of myself and that’s when I started to make myself smaller. In Sweden, we have a special word, kind of like an unwritten law and it’s “Jantelagen”, which means that you should never think that you are someone and should never stand out and shine more than anyone else. I hate that law! Every single person should shine!!!”

Sonically, “Fuck It Up” radiates an empowering atmosphere, with upbeat, feel-good instrumentation and emotional, vulnerable lyrics. “I’m going to make myself stronger” chants the songwriter, as she manifests positivity.

Varg’s music has debuted at #1 on iTunes Rock Sweden, received notable airplay across both Sweden and Germany, and has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams. She is currently part of a big campaign on TikTok for the brand LATZ where she is duetting with Robbie Williams. The video has received close to a million views to date and is growing every day!

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