Le Fomo ‘Swallow Me Whole’

Electro thrash pop / gender fun luck wave duo LE FOMO will rattle your guts with rawness and cradle you with their catchy riffs. They’re gender expansive, genre expansive, multi-instrumentalists Ess Nelson (vocals, lyrics, synths, bass, beats, arrangement) and Kai Hofius (guitar, drums, lyrics, bass), based in Oakland, CA.

On a sweaty quest through a sunny afternoon electro dance party to a synthwave post-punk saturated basement to belting in your car to release your pent up anger about your last breakup, LE FOMO’s Swallow Me Whole blazes into 2020 with a maelstrom of fiery vocals, swooning lyrics, driving bass lines, catchy guitar riffs, shimmering synth, and beats that will animate your sweet, sweet cheeks and may just open up that tiny door to your pulsating heart. Swallow Me Whole calls on us to become our fullest, most expansive selves and to find authentic human connection in that place, together.

Swallow Me Whole was recorded and mixed by Maryam Qudus at Tiny Telephone and Best House Studios and mastered by Piper Payne at Infrasonic Studios.

LE FOMO’s debut album, Fear of Missing Out/No, was released in 2015 on Wiener Records and their single, “Saganometrics,” earned them recognition as The Deli Bay Area Artist of the Month, and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp, as well as select tape shops across Berlin. They have also been featured on the Homoground podcast.

The two have been playing music together in various formations for ten years. Their diversified musical influences include Prince, Talking Heads, Elastica, Electrelane, Queen Latifah, Metallica, Queen, Devo, Herbie Hancock, Hank Levy, Led Zeppelin, Cyndi Lauper, Righeira, Le Tigre, Erase Errata, Karen O, Peaches, The Gossip, Gang of Four, Joy Division, La Femme, Leikeli47, and Janelle Monae.

Ess and Kai both live in the Bay Area, a transformative place on the planet that continually births and propels movements for racial justice and LGBTQ justice, both of which inform their music and the way they move through the world.

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