Laura Danae Releases “About Time”

As we head into the summer, Laura Danae, has been working on the release of her seven-track EP, “About Time.” The EP has been years in the making and is a reflection of Laura’s experiences. Each song has its own story and is filled with raw emotion from the highs and lows of life. “About Time” is a perfect example of the pure talent Laura has to be able to transform moments of life into lyrical melodies. 

“About Time” focuses on growth and accepting yourself as you are while learning to love others as they are. This EP oozes raw honesty and genuineness with each lyric sung. Laura is also a fan of that nostalgia feeling and works it into most of the music she produces. With a mixture of emotion and wistful memories, Laura paints a picture of happier days to come. 

Laura leans into songwriting as a form of self-expression and uses it as a way to represent overlooked individuals. Learning to accept her music as it is, instead of morphing to expectations, has allowed her to really be free with what she writes. Because of this, Laura isn’t afraid to stand ground and be real with her followers.

“I want to talk about real issues, ways to make this industry a better and kinder place for minorities whatever they may be.”Laura Danae 

From Athens, Greece to Brooklyn, New York, Laura Danae has always known music would be an influential part of her life. Songwriting is her way of expressing who she is and how she feels, she says of her upcoming EP, “I’m not my face or my body, I’m my work.” And her work speaks for itself as she only began performing her songs in 2017 and has since then gained over 6K monthly listeners on Spotify. Laura is a unique individual (Greek, queer, female of the Jewish faith) in the alternative rock genre, who brings real and honest music to a new level. Deeply influenced by artists, including The Cure, Depeche Mode, A-Ha, Keane, PJ Harvey, and an undeniable rawness reminiscent of Alanis Morissette, Laura Danae is here and ready to envelop us with 90s alternative nostalgia. 


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