HoodCelebrityy Celebrates the ‘Champion’ In Everyone

With some semblance of “normalcy” returning to daily living, KSR Records International Recording Artist, Hoodcelebrityy’s new single “Champion” reminds us to celebrate strength and resiliency after an unpredictable year. Guaranteed to resonate with every person who has ever had to overcome fear, self-doubt, insurmountable challenges, and COVID-19, “Champion” is set to be a personal anthem for many years to come.

What does it mean to be a “Champion?” It is attributed to the winner of first place in a competition, one who shows marked superiority, and/or a militant advocate or defender.  However, in today’s post-pandemic world where we have witnessed the brutal truth of the socio-political landscape, the term “Champion” takes on a different meaning that tugs at the heart.

Since her massive debut with the infectious single, “Walking Trophy,” HoodCelebrityy has remained consistent with delivering strong empowerment records. Produced by TJ Da Beat Man, “Champion” is an instant classic that will be able to speak to everyone, whether you’re an essential or frontline worker, a cancer survivor, single mom or dad, an athlete, or a graduate.

“We all are winners,” HoodCelebrityy said when asked to describe her vision for the song. “We have all come up against something with fear, fear of losing! In the end, we won; we won, because we simply didn’t give up. We are all champions.”

Addressing today’s socio-political issues and mental health crisis, HoodCelebrityy revealed that these have impacted her lyrics. “It’s important to always remain fearless, even in your success, understanding that there is evidence that people can attempt to take what you work so hard for. But champions remain calm during the storm. We know that we will win. The strength lies within.”

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