From Main Chick to Mistress by M. Skye

After her husband of fifteen years dumped her, Elizabeth Pearson decided the best revenge would be to become the very thing she despised most a mistress…

Embarking on a racy affair with her ex-husband, Cedric, Liz gets the best of both worlds, while sticking it to him and his new bride, Felicia. Having the most fun and the best sex life she has ever had, Elizabeth soon discovers divorce may have been the best thing that ever happened to her.

With new players in the mix and love and money on the line, Elizabeth has to decide if she wants Cedric, or if he’s just a loose end to tie in her quest for revenge.


Chapter One: The Fight Begins

“Get out! Get the fuck out, Cedric!” Ducking flying objects, I tried to reach out for her and she just stepped further from my grasp. I knew I fucked up, but I had no clue she would be this mad. She put me out, granted, I cheated. She divorced me after she found out my girl, Felicia, was pregnant, and she told me she never wanted to see me again when I didn’t fight to stay with her. She had been so hot and cold with me that I thought it wouldn’t matter that Felicia and I hopped a flight to Vegas and got married last month.Main Chick
I knew she wouldn’t be happy, but I had to do something. Felicia lost our baby a while back and watching her mope around the house like a sick child was getting old. My baby used to be the headmaster and broke me off at least twice a day. Now she had dropped down to once a week. That was a problem.
Now, I know I’m wrong for this, but I need sex. Hell, sex was the reason I turned to Felicia. My ex-wife, Liz, the one I’m taking hits from now, used to be just like Felicia. She used to put it down on me and I had no reason to stray for a good fourteen years, but after she got her little promotion at work, she started making it home later and began ignoring my needs. I’m a man, I was her man, she was supposed to make sure I was straight before anyone else was. She dropped the ball, so I dropped her ass. Now, I’m just here because it’s the decent thing to do. Yeah, I waited a month to tell her, but I thought she would have calmed down by now. Guess I was wrong.
“Liz, stop.” I threw my hands up and looking at me through tears, she dropped the vase she was holding in her hand. I never knew I had made her feel this way. I never knew I had hurt her this deeply. “Liz, I’m sorry. I know this isn’t easy, but you had to know it was going to happen. She makes me happy; all I want is to be happy. I want it for you too.”
“Stay away from me! I don’t ever want you to touch me again. I hate you!”
Those were strong words coming from her. I can’t think of a time she had ever uttered those words about anything or anyone. Liz was one of the sweetest people I had ever met and to see her so angry was hard for me. I knew I was the cause and despite what she believed, I never wanted this. I wanted to love her forever, but we grew apart. We just stopped making sense to me. I saw the writing on the wall a while ago, she was just too safe, and safety wasn’t what I needed any more. I wanted a whirlwind romance like what I had found with Felicia. Liz, my sweet Liz, was just too predictable.
Watching her crumble before my eyes, I felt as if I owed her so much more. We had been together for so long; high school sweethearts. I thought our love would last forever and I was so crazy about her because she made me work hard for her. She had only been with one other person before me, and she told me how that ended and swore she would never open her legs to another man until she knew it was real. We dated over a year before she let me have her and when she did, I knew I would love her forever. I guess forever wasn’t as long as I thought it was.
Sliding my hand over the table between us, making sure to bypass the broken glass, I reached for her trembling hand. She looked so frail, so needy, and so unlike the woman I married. Liz had been my love for a long time and now she was looking at me like I was a stranger.
“I never meant to hurt you,” I held her hand tighter.
“Well, you did, now get out. I never want to see your face again. Why did you come here to rub it in? Haven’t you done enough?”
Pulling her to me, I let her collapse in my arms and I just held her. She was pissed, so pissed that she was shaking, and when I dropped my eyes down to look at her, I felt the sting of the slap she threw. I knew I probably deserved it, but I couldn’t help myself when I reached down and grabbed her wrists, pinning them together. Forcing her against the wall, I pressed myself against her.
This started as an attempt to restrain her but somewhere along the line, I felt it becoming more. I had never seen this side of her, she was fighting me with every ounce of anger she possessed and, I couldn’t lie, it was refreshing. Up until this moment, I never thought she cared enough to fight with me or for me. When she found out about Felicia, she just put me out no questions asked. It was as if we didn’t matter; as if I didn’t matter.
“Stop hitting me.” I leaned my forehead against hers. “Please, just stop.” Moving and jerking, she tried to fight me with everything inside her. Making the stupid decision to release her wrists, I let go and she swung at me again. This time, she caught my lip and as I watched the blood drip on her clean white carpet, I grabbed her by the hair and held her still.
Looking at me, watching me look at her, I saw her eyes drift to my lips and then back up to my eyes. At that moment, I felt her breathing taking over my air. Looking at her, the room felt smaller. Being so close to her, it felt like old times, when our passion burned so strong, it was hard to differentiate between the anger and joy. Having her body pressed against mine, I felt as if we were those same people who loved so hard it hurt.
Gripping her hair tighter, pulling her head closer to mine, I slid my tongue out to smooth away the blood and lined her lips with mine. At that moment, our breathing was one and I could feel her nervousness. She was unsure, unable to let me in, but I needed it. I knew it was selfish, but I needed her to need me as much. The feeling was taking over me.
Snatching her into my arms, I ignored the fact that I didn’t live here anymore and hauled ass up the stairs. Feeling my dick twitch as I carried her, stripping her clothes along the way, I got all the way to the bed and dropped her down. Rolling her to the foot of the bed, I watched her eyes as she stared at me. She was nervous, she was afraid, but she wanted it. I knew she wanted me.
Creeping up her smooth legs, I kissed her skin in a way that I hadn’t in so long and realized I probably wasn’t the best husband to her. I hadn’t done anything like this the last year of our marriage and although she was the one who had gotten busier, I could have made more allowances. I could have given her more time.
Promising to love her was the one and only thing I hadn’t lied about. I’m here with her now, but in my life, I’m with someone else. I know this and I love Felicia, I’m in love with Felicia, but something in me will always have love for Liz. She held me down when no one else did but even I know that’s not grounds to stay with someone. It just makes me feel bad when I have to do things that hurt her; she doesn’t deserve it.
I knew I shouldn’t be taking things this far. I was trying to turn over a new leaf, be a better husband this time around, but I couldn’t leave Liz in this state. Leaning up to her face, I could smell the liquor on her breath and knew I was the cause. It would only be right that I take some of her pain away if only for an hour, right?
Running my hands through her bone straight hair, I pulled her head to mine and forced our lips together. By that time, she had given up the fight to resist me and was tearing away at my clothes. Letting her rip the buttons from my shirt, I silently debated how I was going to explain all this to my wife. I mean, damn, Felicia is understanding and level headed, but even I couldn’t come up with an excuse for this.
Once she had my shirt off and pants pushed down, I moved my hand between us and lined myself up to enter her. I know it sounds bad, but protection wasn’t an issue. As long as I had known Liz, there hadn’t been anyone but me and that clown she was with before me, so I knew I was safe. Divorce or not, she was still mine, her body still curved to my every stroke.
Pushing inside her was just as I expected; tight, wet, and like a dream. I never denied that Liz had some of the best damn pussy I ever felt, she just didn’t put enough energy into us. I feel like if she cared about me half as much as she cares about her job, I would still be here giving it to her just like this every night.
Digging my fingers into her thighs, stroking her valley with my curved tip, I felt the intensity of her dripping folds. Letting her roll her hips to me, moving my rod in and out, we fell back into our old habit of give and take. While I memorized every delicious minute I thought I had forgotten, she said my name with such lust dripping from her tone, I felt a quick nut coming. Riding her thighs, I gripped her tighter, letting her squirt against me.
This sounds bad, but by doing this, I wanted to make her remember, I wanted to sear it in her mind what she’s missing, what she ran away. The actual act of sex had never been our problem; it was getting her to slow down enough to give it to me. It was what made me look elsewhere.
“Uuhh,” I heard her moan once I hit a particular spot and it drove me to do more. Pulling her legs closer, I slipped from the bed and let her ankles rest on my shoulders. Folding her up a little, I pushed deeper and enjoyed the gasp she let out. Punishing her, riding her, ravishing her, I hit a spot that made her cum. Watching her eyes roll backward, I flipped us around, feeling the room grow hazy in my own eyes. In teasing her, I had forgotten that she had that same power over me. No matter how I tried to deny it, she could make me cum just as easily as I could her.
Gripping her ass in my hands, I bit down on my lip when she began to move against me. Running her hands down my chest, she dug her nails into my arms and I let out a growl, letting the pleasure and pain register in my mind. Swaying her hips, bathing my solid shaft in with her silky walls, she let out a grin when she saw my eyes drifting shut. We were connected, once again, and I couldn’t hide the fact that I loved it. After all, this time, it was good to know I could still give her the passion we once shared.
Biting down on her neck, I let my tongue caress her and felt her nails dig deeper into my skin. She was shivering, shuddering at my touch, panting my name and clinging so tight, I felt like we were one set of skin. Feeling her sit up, I ran my hands up her back and sat up, kissing her, pumping my hips up, making sure to stroke her with my full length. Throwing one last thrust, I had to take a deep breath to find my composure, I was close, so damn close.
“Damn,” I grunted, feeling my climax bubbling. Riding me, teasing my sack with her fingertips, making the heat ripple through me, I felt when her climax exploded and she promptly jumped off. Sitting up in shock, I threw my hands down on the bed, letting my frustration burn through.
“What in the hell do you think you’re doing? Finish me off.”
Looking at the sly look on her face, I almost thought she was about to make it happen until she sat down beside me and reached for my throbbing dick. “You want to cum?”
“Hell yeah,” I yelled, not liking this little game of hers one bit.
“Well go home to that bitch and let her handle it. You’re her problem now and so is giving you a nut. Get out.” And just like that, she got her revenge. She had me exactly where she wanted me and, I never thought I’d say this, but it turned me on. She had never been so feisty and with her being butt ass naked here, it was sexy as hell.
Watching her walk into the bathroom and hearing the water from the sink come on, I had to laugh at her jab. I could have done one of two things at this point, put on what was left of my clothes and gone home or marched in there and cussed her ass out. Well, me being the man I am, I went with a third option.
While she was silently celebrating her win, I slipped behind her, catching her off guard. Grabbing the back of her hair, snatching her head to me, I arched her back and bent her over the sink. Main Chick“Round two,” I whispered, pushing myself so deep inside her, she gripped the sink for stability.
Smacking her, pounding her defenseless walls, I stroked her with the hardest thrusts I could achieve and watched in the mirror as a smile appeared on her face. Studying her, I realized, this shit was hot. We had never done anything like this when we were together and now, all I wanted was to taste her loud screams. I wanted her to cream all over me, hell, all over this sink.
Pulling out of her, picking her up and placing her on the sink, I found my way back between her legs and continued my glorious torture. Clasping my arms between her fingertips, biting on my ear, gripping her legs so tight around my waist, I had no choice but to slow down, she made me pull back and see her. Pumping into her a few more times, I brought her orgasm forward and released mine as well.
Grunting into the air, I ran my hand over my face and stepped back. I had just made the first big mistake in my new marriage and I didn’t know what to think of myself. I had promised to do this different and so far, I had. I was attentive and treated Felicia like she was my entire world because she was, but seeing Liz all distraught did something to me. It was the guilt, I concluded. Yeah, that was it.
Looking at the beautiful woman before me, with her golden brown skin, intoxicating brown eyes, banging ass body, I knew she would have no trouble finding the happiness I had. I knew I seemed as if I wasn’t happy, but I was. Me and Felicia have a good thing and this was just me saying goodbye to my old love, my first love. We’d outgrown each other, I knew that now. Now that I’ve gotten my final closure on this, I can go home. I can be the man I was always meant to be with my beautiful wife.
No more screw ups.

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