Frankie Zulferino and Melii hit us with “Hit That”

Chart-topping NYC-based Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, TikTok star, Frankie Zulferino is authentically himself with his first release of 2021, “Hit That,” featuring Melii. The single has already skyrocketed into the top 10 of the iTunes Pop Charts, top 100 of the UK Pop Charts, and landed placements on the Apple/Shazam Best New Music and Pop&B TIDAL Playlists. Melii took to Twitter to state;


Frankie states proudly; “A lot of my inspiration comes from old school Puff Daddy, Janet Jackson, and Missy Elliot music videos, with a ton of dancers. When I went in to record the single my goal was to take what I love about the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s and fuse it together. I want to genuinely sell who I am as an artist and as a person; I don’t think you can sell something massively unless you’re being true to yourself.”

Frankie’s authenticity has not gone unnoticed by those who have inspired him to be who he is, like icons Janet Jackson, Neyo, and Paula Abdul sending love to him and posting about his tribute videos to them. This past year alone he has garnered over 700K followers on TikTok; “it’s been the height of my career for sure which is crazy considering it’s in the middle of the worst times of most peoples career. My fans are everything to me; I wanted to really connect with people. Instead of just shutting down I made sure to get super involved. Performing for my fans, posting everyday, and going live. Paying tribute to my inspirations. My fans kept tagging Janet, Neyo, and Paula Abdul on social media until they each reposted. Paula even reached out to collaborate on a video. It was definitely a turning point in my career and I’ll forever be grateful for all these moments.” On top of that, Frankie has been releasing other cover videos such as “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye and “I Feel For You”, both of which landed a spot within the Top 15  iTunes Pop Chart.

Prior to his viral TikTok success, Frankie had plans to work in Europe for 6 months to a year to expand his fanbase. He packed up his bags, got to Europe and then everything shut down when covid hit. When he arrived back in New York, Frankie said to himself “I have 2 decisions here; I can crumble and let this ruin me or I can figure this out and take it to the next level. Everything is a mindset, we’re all in this craziness together and we need to deal with it. People had plans to get married, have their Broadway debut, etc. I’m not going to let this year of my life pass me by. I’m going to work just as hard and not make excuses.” And with that mindset Frankie continued on to do over 40 live concerts throughout the pandemic, and push to make the connection with his fans even stronger. In October he successfully threw an hour and a half long covid-safe virtual outdoor concert, with a full stage, dancers, pyro and multiple costume changes. He flew 80 fans in who won a contest, sold over 1,500 virtual tickets and had tremendous merch sales that would always sell out on the first day. “That was really huge for me, to me that means more than a number. It’s real people who came to watch me and buy t-shirts with my face on it. Of this past year it was my biggest accomplishment.”



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