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FlyKINGI ( Fly-King-eye ) is an American Hip-Hop recording artist, songwriter and choreographer.

Early Life

FlyKINGi is a Hip-Hop recording artist based in Carson, California. He was born and raised in Compton, California by his mother and father who are both of African American decent. As a child Flykingi was egar to perform getting casted in lead roles in school plays even performing at Carson city hall playing Simba in his elementary schools tap dance edition of The Lion King. He continued his performance aspirations while attending Carson high school performing as the schools colt mascot during half-time from his sophomore through senior year. FlyKINGi was also the lead choreographer in the schools hip-hop dance league. Flykingi wrote his very first rap song at age 16 covering the 702 cult classic I still love you.

From The I-A-N of the runway ( mixtape )

FlyKINGi released his first mixtape ‘from the I-A-N of the runway’ in June 2010. The mixtape featured his take on current and previous industry songs like party in the USA and run this town. Most notably his freestyle cover to rapper Dorrough ice cream paint job.

FlyKINGi continued his rap aspirations by recording his first original song Gotta Go releasing it to iTunes. It was also featured on popular New Orleans DJ Chiszle’s ‘refund radio’ mixtape.

Labor Day & The Closet Chronicles

After the moderate buzz behind his ‘Gotta Go’ single FlyKINGi finished the follow up to his first mixtape entitled Labor Day on December 25, 2010. The mixtape was hosted by Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard of the VH+1 flavor of love and I love New York television series. The mixtape was debuted by popular Atlanta based blogger Miss Jia.

FlyKINGi filmed a visual to his ‘Gotta Go’ single and released it on Labor Day. The visual was well received surpassing 45,000 views on YouTube in less than a month earning Flykingi a feature in the highest lgbt publication in America Out magazine.

FlyKINGi announced in January 2012 that he would be releasing a 8 song EP entitled ‘The Closet Chronicles’. In February he released a buzz single featuring pop recording artist Solomon called Internet Connect and the albums first single ‘Candy Wrapper’ in March. Being an openly gay rapper[8] he released a single entitled ‘RudeSkywalker, the anti-bully anthem’ to iTunes with proceeds benefiting charity organization Jer’s Vision. The song was produced by grammy nominated producer Cory Bold of the pop group Fly Panda. ‘Candy Wrapper’ became a large success for FlyKINGi leading up a visual shot by Fallon Davis. The visual tells the story of a lesbian girl discharged by her family and contains harajuku themed elements. The visual debuted to Vevo and YouTube surpassing over 75,000 views combined. Also appearing on At&t’s Uverse.

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