Editor’s Review on: “Stand Off”

Black After These Messages – “Stand Off” – Episode 1


Minding my business being nosy on Twitter I came across the profile of Actor D. James which lead me to a tweet which read:

Upon clicking on the Video, I was introduced via the below synopsis:

On the first day back to school Niya decides to break up with her boyfriend of one year in P-Nut. This leaves P-Nut no option but to call for all black men to go on strike against all the black women of Drayton University. Come enjoy the ride as we introduce you to a group of friends who are about to embark on a trip through college that will change their lives forever. #BATM

With that I hit play and on my screen was D. C. Young Fly. As soon as I seen him I just knew the show was going to be funny and I was excited to see what was in store.

Here’s the Tea:

Kermit Sips TeaOverall the show gets a 6/10. The acting is cool. DC Young Fly is of course hilarious. P-Nut tends to try too hard at times. The artificial laughter isn’t used at the best moments each time and kind of takes you out of the zone of being engaged in the show. The variation of imagery is ideal for the scripting. I love the apartment and the open floor plan which allows P-Nut to work the room.

One of my peers called it the “Bootleg version of the Parkers!” No Shade, I’m ready to see the season unfold.

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