Do you remember being the “Youngest At The Party”


Confronting the self-destruction that fueled his past, Vaughan opens up on his addiction to chem-sex and the dark under-belly of the queer party scene in new single Youngest At The Party.

“It’s a song about the loss of innocence. It’s about finding myself in places that I wish I had never been. Realising that I was the youngest person there and wondering how I got to this point. How far away from the world did I need to be, to get myself there.

Imagine a room where drugs are shared like condiments. Where the host, out of courtesy, is expected to provide the narcotics. Where a group of strangers feel like they can finally speak freely.

The track has a split personality but everything about ‘Youngest At The Party’ is purposeful. At first listen it’s a party pop anthem, starting off with an undulating bass sound that illustrates being outside a venue. As you explore the lyrics you realise the darker story that Vaughan shares.

Beads of sweat on my body hang like diamonds,

But it’s with a cheap feeling, without something rewarding,

Chat shit to me; pretend that it means something;

Then I’ll stay till the morning,

It’s not worth me leaving since,

The partnered video directed by Flower Up Studio (Puma, Daywave) was filmed at The Old Baths in Hackney Wick and styled by Ryan Wohlgemut (Harry Styles, Paper Magazine, Kylie Minogue). In it, Vaughan is being consumed by the party, repressing emotion and seeking connection as his salvation.

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