Barcardi Presents: “Welcome to my house party, party!” with Meek Mill by Giselle Ave.

This past weekend was EPIC. I’ve been using that word a lot lately to describe life— that’s a good thing. Last Friday, I had a chance to experience one of the dopest brand activations ever, from our friends at Bacardi. The familiar brand name is on a nationwide tour, with pop up house parties, stopping in cities including NYC, Philly, DC, and of course, ATL. On Friday November 21st, Complex Mag and Bacardi presented the ATL Pop-Up House Party, featuring a live performance from Meek Mill!

My guest and I were a bit confused once we were trying to tell our Uber the exact location— because it was sort of top secret. We were dropped off at the corner of 18th street in Atlantic Station and decided to follow the music. The bass was LOUD, and we finally were greeted with a line, a really long line, to get inside the house party. I actually thought it was a house, that was traveling across the nation on the back of an 18-wheeler, but it was an extremely impressive staging of a house, party.


We arrived at about 7:25pm, to ensure our entry. We didn’t mind the line, it was worth the wait. After some time lolly gagging in line, we finally got in! It was a small celebration each time someone gained entry into the super exclusive party. The party was lit.

The interior was decorated just as a house would be, it was so cool! I wish I got more pics but I was too busy living in the moment. There was free food, endless specialty Bacardi cocktails, great music, bubbles, beach balls, confetti, couches, lounges, a kitchen, a den, a guy dressed like the couch he was sitting on— the list goes on!

6The DJ encouraged guests to upload to social media and you want to know the number one social platform he advised us to use? #Snapchat Snapchat is The Social Network for live–anything. My story (giselleavenue)  on Snapchat gave all of my loyal Snapchat family a live glimpse of the #BacardiHouseParty experience, and it was so awesome!

As if this weren’t enough, we were treated with a live performance from Meek Mill. Now, I’ll be honest, once I left the party to share how amazing it was— some people didn’t know who Meek Mill was? I said, you know, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend? Still, not many knew of him. He is definitely a Hip-Hop rapper, and hasn’t ventured into different music genres, but everyone at the party CLEARLY knew who Meek was!! As soon as he hit the stage, ALL PHONES WERE UP IN THE AIR!


5Did I mention this entire event was FREE?! Bacardi USA has launched a very successful campaign, to say hello to their preferred target audience. Prior to entry, we had to sign a waiver that basically said “Bacardi is not responsible for your drunk behavior after you leave this party.” The event was also 25 & up–MILLENNIALS– which I think was a great way to sift through those who can’t hold their liquor. I really wish (maybe I will) someone would open a club with this specific demographic, the venue would always be packed, just saying.

Overall, a great way to open the weekend, thank you Bacardi for inviting us to your house party!

2Check out the trailer for the Nationwide #BacardiHouseParty campaign and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog for entry to exclusive events across the city!

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