Aviva Reimer “Becoming The Total Package”

An experienced expert in an array of life improving focuses, exampling, relationships, health, beauty, physical fitness and life coaching, Aviva Reimer set out to help people become “The Total Package” in her manuscript, “Becoming the Total Package.” We spoke to Aviva regarding exactly that….

How did you derive the name of your new book?

Coming up with the name of the book is not an easy task, and most of the time comes once you are near the end of the project. Ironically one of my clients came in for a session and said, “I cannot believe how much you do and how multifaceted you are! How do you do it all? “You are the total package. And there we had it…the name was born. With a little adjustment, we created the name “Becoming The Total Package “. Shirley has since then become our branding manager and a good friend.

What does your book focus on?

This book focusses on reinventing people’s perspective, the way they look, and the way they feel in every area of one’s life. It is about making changes in the direction that is going to allow people to grow and manifest everything they ever wanted. It is a step-by-step recipe taking someone to a whole new level of thinking mentally and physically. You literally have the opportunity to organize your whole life and set yourself up for success in your home, friendships, work, and romantic relationships.

What motivated you to write it?

In today’s world, there is much emotional breakdown where our perspective has shifted and not necessarily in the right direction. In dealing with clients daily around self-improvement and relationships, I was only able to make an impact with the people that approach me for help and my services in coaching and matchmaking. But what about all the people that I cannot personally get to? They also need help and guidance in their life. This is why I wanted to write this book, to reach everybody I possibly could to make a difference. It is for those who are ready to do the work on themselves and choose better. This is my desire to help those looking to invite positive change into their life, to live their best life!

Why is it important for people to read your book?

It is essential for people to read this book because It will give them a fresh perspective on how the world works, how we are affected, why we make the wrong decisions at times, how we repeat patterns, and what expectations we should and should not have. This book will allow the reader to reflect, assess, and acquire the tools and guidance that is needed to create a new, better version of oneself. This book can change a person’s life for the better. Anyone who picks up this book will either be inspired and educated or supported and reassured.

Aside from your book, you are involved in many other facets, please explain?

I come from a background of physical transformation and image consulting. For many years I was a beauty expert doing makeovers. Taking people who did not have confidence and quite frankly did not look their best, and turn them into someone that they love seeing in the mirror. When Perfect Fit Lifestyle & Introductions firm was founded, I was already introducing people who have done the work on themselves, and they were ready to meet somebody on a whole new upgraded level. Before, I was leading with my Matchmaking business and doing all the hard work styling and transformation in the background. People often let go of themselves and get comfortable in their relationships and with their appearance. I am unstoppable in this area. Now I lead with coaching and transformation so that my clients reinvent themselves to look and feel their best in their life. I give them the tools they need to become confident and secure in whom they have become so that when they are being introduced to someone, they will be able to seal the deal with the qualities they now have. I am a transformational life coach first then a Match Maker.

As a relationship expert what are some of the most important tips for a healthy relationship?

Some of the most important things for a successful relationship are honesty, communication, intimacy, both emotional and physical.

Here are a few tips that should not be overlooked:

A. Always put each other and the relationship first before anything else, including children. A perfect example would be date night every week, no matter what.

B. Be honest with each other about everything and try to use a respectful and loving tone in the delivery when communicating.

C. Maintain your identity, have a life of your own as well as together. Allow each other the space we all need to enjoy personal hobbies and friendships that were there before you met.

D. Support and empower each other. Make your relationship secure as a couple.

E. Never forget to express emotional and physical intimacy with each other. This is probably the most crucial thing in the relationship, apart from communication.

F. Maintain your self-image and always try to look as good as when you first met. Take pride in self-care so that there will always be attraction physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What were your biggest challenges in writing your book?

The biggest challenge I had in writing this book was finding the time with a busy schedule. Another thing was allowing myself to accept my chapters without being OCD about every little thing. I’m quite the perfectionist, and I probably would have gone over it a million more times than necessary. I learned to believe more in my ability to deliver it exactly the way I envisioned it.

Will there be a sequel?

There may be a sequel in the future; timing is vital!

Is there a topic in your book that you most value as a woman?

I get excited when I talk about the differences between male and female species. We are all so dynamic in our personal way, and it is often difficult for people to understand and appreciate the differences. The perspective I share in the book is the real deal.

When you’re not writing, coaching or relationship fixing, what do you do as far as hobbies or recreation?

I love music, fitness, my doggies or animals, and positive people. I enjoy cooking and entertaining. I also worship the sun and will run off to a beach at any given moment. Balance is very important to me.

What will you be focusing on in 2020 and beyond?

2020 will be an incredible year; I can feel it. The universe is shifting. I will continue to focus on positive goals and growth. Create more memories with people I love. I want to laugh more, dance more, and inspire others even more.