All About Teddy Bee

At a time when an African American male achieved the seemingly impossible by becoming the United States first black president an African American female is attempting a similar feat to become Hip-Hop’s first openly gay undisputed #1 Mc. In a bold declaration of gay pride independence stud rapper extraordinaire Teddy Bee is setting out to dispel the myth that male Mc’s are superior to their female counterparts. Threatening to shatter the long running “Old Boy Network” of the male dominated Hip-Hop industry with razor sharp punch lines and heartfelt lyrics that will challenge the mind and soothe the soul is the mindset of a truly one of a kind talent destined to be the voice of her generation. Fearless in her pursuit to spread the word that “Rainbow Thuggin” for which she is the leader is the next major movement to rock the music industry is the badge of honor so proudly worn by Hip-Hop’s newest breakout sensation….Teddy Bee.

Born in Tampa, Florida, she moved to Joliet, Illinois as a young girl before moving back to Tampa and eventually becoming Riverview High School’s first female starting running back. Although a gifted athlete Teddy Bee’s love affair with music began at the tender age of eight. A writer of poetry since age five she used music as an outlet to express her inner most thoughts. Extremely well rounded as a youth she excelled in sports, writing, and as a dancer joining the famed dance troupe Nasty’s Boys. However, it would be music that would both consume and save her life. While fascinated with music Teddy Bee found herself hanging with the wrong crowd as a young teen often getting into trouble in school and with the law. Sadly, having to endure the untimely deaths of several of her closest friends brought on by drugs and street violence is what finally made Teddy Bee focus on her plethora of God given musical abilities. Armed with a positive new approach to life and her music career Teddy Bee traveled extensively honing her incredible rap skills at countless Mc battles, open mics, independent artist showcases, and music conferences manning the microphone harder and lyrically superior to any male in attendance. The consummate all around entertainer her stage show is more of an experience rather than a performance due to the high level of creativity and pure shock value she delivers so effortlessly.

More than just great potential Teddy Bee is a finished work of art whose unapologetic in your face style of rap draws strong comparisons to the greatest Mc’s male or female who’ve ever graced the music business. Patiently waiting the gay community is long overdue for an artist especially a Hip-Hop artist like Teddy Bee with the swagger, talent, performance capabilities, and most importantly courage to break down the wall of ignorance that frightens far too many homosexual and lesbian artists from being their true selves on records fearing public scrutiny. Currently based out of entertainment mecca Atlanta, Georgia Teddy Bee along with long time manager/mother Honey Bee CEO of Dipherent Wurld Management to whom her daughter is managed by are riding high off of the massive success of “Stupid High” and “Teddy R U Ready” the king stud’s blazing singles that have the streets, clubs, and the internet on lock. A seasoned music industry veteran Honey Bee’s invaluable leadership and combination of A-1 business skills and hard nose street savvy is what has Teddy Bee positioned for international superstardom. While Teddy Bee’s “Rainbow Thuggin” serves as a movement that studs and fems worldwide regardless of race, age, political views, financial status, or religious affiliation can not only be proud of but call their own. So hello world the underdog is really a cat and she’s on top of rap, and Hip-Hop will never be the same because Teddy Bee is the stud who changed the game.

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