Netta “Nana Banana”

Nana Banana

Netta, Israeli pop superstar and winner of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest is back with the new song “Nana Banana” available today on S-Curve Records/BMG.  The track mixes Netta’s unique vocal style with a Neo-Caribbean flavor blending contemporary Dancehall and Reggae sounds with color vibes of J-Pop and K-Pop. Preview “Nana Banana” HERE.

While the title Nana Banana is a cheeky refence to the teasing childhood taunt “Nyah Nyah Nyah Boo-Boo,” the lyrics have a deeper meaning in which Netta explores her own quest to find a safe place outside her comfort zone in the wake of the Eurovision win. This release follows her popular empowerment anthems “Bassa Sababa” and “Toy.” “Nana Banana” was co-written & composed by Netta, Stav Beger and Nathan Goshen, one of Israel’s most successful and loved artists. 

She will perform “Nana Banana” for the first time live on the Eurovision Song Contest finale on May 18th in Tel Aviv. 


With uncontainable charisma, a rafter-reaching voice, enchanting motion, loop wizardry, and acrobatic scatting, Netta quietly emerged as a global pop force in 2018. The Israel-born singer, songwriter, and performer first unlocked the power of music as a child. After attending high school in Israel, she finished mandatory military service in the Israeli Navy Band before entrenching herself in the country’s club and theater scenes. Along the way, she architected a style of her own equally inspired by Die Antwoord and Pokémon, utilizing a looping machine and wild wordplay. After grinding for years, she took a chance and auditioned for Rising Star—the Israeli equivalent of X Factor and qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her breakout hit “Toy” emerged as the year’s victor and resounded worldwide. Moreover, it became Israel’s first winner since 1998 and fourth overall. Its quirky chicken clucking, show-stopping singing, wild looping, and evocative lyricism earned acclaim from The New York Times who predicted “a star is born.” The song continues to generate millions of streams every month.

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